Operation Smile takes new donations

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has launched a GoFundMe campaign and donated $2000.00 to get the donations started in efforts to raise money for Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a global organization that raises money for children and young adults across the world to help aid in their dental issues or facial surgeries they may be facing but don’t necessarily have the funds. They want to instill hope in all young adults and set their future up for a better tomorrow. As a practicing dentist himself, he understands how important it is for people to get the necessary dental care and work that they need. He chose Operation Smile because of their quality continued efforts to help children all over the world. It’s great foundation that was started in 1982 by Kathy and Bill Magee. Their first mission was stationed in the Philippines, where they spend time donating money to help young children over there with their surgeries and other dental issues. It was a huge success, and here the foundation is decade’s later producing funds for children all over the world. They have been able to help in the aid of over 200,000 surgeries and continue to stand proud that they are still able to do good work now.

Avi Weisfogel is a practicing dentist in the New Jersey area who is passionate about helping others. Not only has he started a campaign to help aid in the donations for Operation Smile, but he has started a program that helps educated other dentists and their office staff on the application and effectiveness of oral appliances to help with sleep disorders. Many people suffer from obstructive sleep apnea and stop breathing when they sleep because their throat relaxes. Avi Wesifogel helps educate them on what they should be looking for with these patients who suffer from a sleep disorder. It can affect their entire life if it’s not corrected. The oral appliances move their jaw forward in such a way that keeps their airway open, hence, allowing airway to flow easily in and out as they sleep which lets them fall into a deeper REM sleep.

Avi studied at the New York College of Dentistry where he obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery. Before that he studied psychology and biology in New Brunswick. He has dedicated much of his life to helping the public and educating them about proper treatments and taking part in successful surgeries. Check out one of his educational YouTube videos here.

Source: http://www.abc6.com/story/31366182/avi-weisfogel-dds-launches-gofundme-campaign-set-up-to-benefit-operation-smile


CHIPOTLE executives are optimistic that the once high performing stock will regain its previous luster following several months of declining value after several outbreaks of E.Coli were traced to the preparation of food in the Chipotle food supply chain. Chipotle stock dropped as much as 30% during the period last year that outbreaks of E.Coli were reported in several Chipotle locations throughout the county causing illness and hospitalization of scores of Chipotle customers. CHIPOTLE LOOKS TO BOUNCE BACK FROM E.COLI SCAREIf the outbreak was limited to one location, the popular food chain may have been able to weather out the bad publicity. However, multiple breakouts over large geographic areas foretold of a systemic problem in Chipotle’s food supply chain. The open equities markets responded and Chipotle’s shares were pummeled.

Chipotle is now looking to new horizons. The company has receive a clean bill of health from various state and federal health officials. While the source of the contamination has not been disclosed, Chipotle has declared that all issues have been resolve and the company’s food supply chain has been certified for continued production.

The company’s fourth quarter report showed that the company’s revenue fell just short of $1 Billion dollars. Sector analysts like Marc Sparks believe that revenue will continue to increase in the following quarters. Chipotle also is taking the time introduce new products, including more salad options and healthier choices in the company’s primary menu.

Keith Mann is Instrumental in Providing Advanced Education for Low-income High School Students

Education and personal advancement are among the top values that our country represents, and Keith and Keely Mann share in those values. The January 25th edition of the Business Wire announced that they are introducing an award designed to spotlight the next generation of business leaders. They are partnering with Uncommon Schools and offering the “Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Personal Achievement” to low-income high school students.

Keith Mann has been an entrepreneur in the NYC executive search industry for over 15 years. He has developed strategic plans for the industry and is an expert in hedge fund compensation. Mr. Mann began Dynamics Executive Search in 2001, and in 2002, he began the Alternative Investment Practice within DES. Mr. Mann has successfully placed executive investment brokers into the investment industry while expanding his business.

The Uncommon School system is a non-profit charter school for ages K-12 grade. They have districts located in New York City, Massachusetts and New Jersey, and their goal is to prepare their students for the business world, hopefully guiding them into a college education after high school graduation.

This scholarship program started by Keith Mann will award $5,000 for a graduating student’s college education. Mr. Mann also invites other successful entrepreneurs to participate, so that more low-income students will have the opportunity to attend college and become leaders in the nest generation.

Mr. Mann believes that he is enabling a student to professionally use the degree to better their community when they graduate and enter the business world. The award is determined by the student who submits a 1,000-word essay on why they think a college education would help their career. They applications are collected through the month of February and the decision is announced in March.

Keith Mann is pleased to partner with Uncommon Schools, a non-profit charter school system based in New York City, to implement this scholarship, which will be available to one graduating senior each year at the Brooklyn-based school.

Handy Continued Endeavors to Dominate the On-demand Professional Services Sector

Oisin Hanrahan, who is the co-founder of Handy, gave an insight on his company in an interview with Amanda Connolly from TNW. Unlike other startups that start and along the way lose focus, Handy has managed to keep its eyes on the target. Consequently, it has emerged as a multi-million dollar company in terms of net worth with a recent venture funding of $50 million.

During the interview, Oisin asserted that Handy bridges the gap between customers and contractors. Through this Handy ensures that both parties remain contented. It has maintained the status of its contractors as non-employees in a bid to lower operating cost. Subsequently, Handy’s contractors can comfortably carry out other roles, as well as offer professional services to boost their income. On the other hand, customers have the benefit of booking the services of a reliable expert at any time.

Handy is also said to be making significant employment moves in the corporate world such as the recent hiring of Tumblr’s top engineer. Oisin asserted that Handy intends to continue hiring top-notch experts and executives for a span of six months.

Handy is a pioneer firm in the on-demand professional booking services, which range from handy work and cleaning services. It was established out of the persistence of Oisin Hanrahan and his roommate, Umang Dua, who both decided to follow up their dreams by quitting Harvard. From its original name, Handybook, it has transformed considerably to a global competitor in the handy work sector with professionals in various locations who undergo pre-screening. Primarily, this is in a bid to ensure Handy’s clients receive top-notch services to complement their needs or desires.

Clients are in a position to book Handy’s services within a short duration as well as enjoy the security of their money through the hundred percent guarantee. Among its popular list of services, include furniture assembly, moving services, interior painting, home cleaning, TV mounting and hanging pictures and shelves.

Exciting Twists And Turns In The Dog Food Industry

The past few years have proven to be fast growing ones for the dog food industry. The industry as a whole is now worth nearly 24 billion dollars and half of that is from the premium dog food industry. In a recent article from the Daily Herald, it was brought to light that the premium dog food industry has grown 45 percent since 2009. Many analysts are asking why this growth is happening now. The article answers the question very simply: human food trends are now edging over into the dog food market. There are now a multitude of new and small companies in the industry that are putting out products that help dogs stay on a paleo diet or a dog food that helps dogs to lose weight. The list of new products with a variety of health benefits is nearly endless. And it is not just the new companies. The older companies are catching the hint and joining in on the new trend.

Beneful is a dog food brand that has been embracing health eating for dogs for over a decade now. PurinaStore Beneful brand started out with an idea to make a different kind of dog food before it was popular. That made a dog food that looked different, with a variety of colors and shapes of food, and that made a difference, with nutritious ingredients that would keep the dog healthy for a long time. Beneful is proud of the fact that it feeds 15 million dogs around the world every single year. They are also proud of all of the certifications they have received for both the safety of the food that Beneful provide and the quality of the food that the private. Some of the certifications are required, like the Food and Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture but some are private and not mandatory like the Association of American Feed Control Officials. Getting a certification from the AAFCO means that Beneful produces a food that is health for dogs to consume.


Investors Are Looking At Argentina Again Thanks To New Government Leadership

Argentina has had a financial black eye for the last 20 years. For some reason, the country is better at doing the tango than dancing to the music of continual economic growth. The government certainly played a role in the enormous amount of debt Argentina managed to accumulate. In 2001, the country defaulted on $95 billion worth of debts, and that made foreign investors cross Argentina off their list of money-making investments.

Even investors like James Dondero of Highland Capital Management based in Dallas was skeptical. Dondero wasn’t sure Argentina could get its economic act together when he looked at investing a few years ago. But in 2014, knowing that Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner wasn’t going to be reelected president, Dondero and his team of financial experts at Highland Capital decided to buy some of Argentina’s debt. Dondero wanted to get in on the ground floor of the rebuilding process that he knew Argentina would have to do to become credible on the world’s economic stage.

Dondero told Bloomberg.com that Highland Capital’s $4 billion investment was a good move. In fact, the Argentinian investment helped Dondero offset losses that his energy sector was experiencing. When Mauricio Marci was elected president at the end of 2015, Dondero knew Macri would implement policies that would contribute to debt reduction. One of those policies was to bundle some of the country’s debt and sell bonds to foreign investors like Highland Capital Management.

It didn’t take long for Dondero to make the decision to buy debt-filled Argentinian bonds. He knew other hedge fund managers would jump at the chance now that Macri was calling the shots. Marci, the Wharton School of Business graduate, and the once shunned country were finally a match. According to Dondero, now that civil engineer Macri was in control, he was ready to invest in Argentina’s future. And so are other hedge fund managers. Even though hedge fund investor, Paul Singer, clashed with the former administration, Macri developed a plan to pay Singer by offering investors bonds. The opportunity to see Argentina rise from the economic and political ashes and become a functioning economy again was too good to miss. Dondero .

The road back from financial disaster takes time, but Dondero likes the moves Macri has made so far. Macri is getting the central bank back in order as well as the finance ministry. Dondero and his team at Highland Capital see positive signs and with $19 billion in assets under management, Highland Capital knows what those signs can mean.

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Koch Brothers Start a Family Office

Charles and David Koch are billionaires based in the United States of America. These two are very active in American politics, and most of the time, they play behind the scenes. They fund different organizations that on the other hand come up and support one candidate.

Recently, the Koch brothers started a political machine in preparation for the upcoming elections in the country. Together with close wealthy associates, the billionaires have used of money on the political network, and it has spread to most parts of the country. What shocked many people is the amount of money the billionaire spends on staff dinners and the amount of bonuses paid to them. Apart from these financial issues, the conservatives have managed to get a special place in the hearts of many Americans. They have also come out of their hiding in the recent past, giving out their portfolio to the public and going out for interviews on the television so that they get more supporters.

The Koch brothers have something else for themselves. They have started an operation known an 1888 Management LCC, and this will mostly be tasked with the responsibility of managing Charles Koch’s part of wealth. The initiative was initially tucked in the Koch Industries, and it was mainly focusing on the private investments of Charles Koch. Since the brothers become millionaires, they have given out huge sums of money and also influenced the shape of the modern conservatives in the United States.

This has been announced by one of the Koch grandchild, Harry Koch, who is currently a newspaper publisher based in Texas with a libertarian bent. He was given the responsibility of laying the foundation for the initiative that represents one of the most influential people in the country. The Koch brothers have different interests, they are involved in oil and also ranching, and this explains their enormous wealth. At the moment, Charles Koch is eighty years old, and his younger brother David Koch is seventy-five years old. When the two are combined, they have a net worth of around one hundred billion, and they are among the richest people in the country.

FreedomPop And the New Mobile Industry

FreedomPop is helping create an all new mobile industry. For years, the industry focused on the major players, such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Spring. Now though, there are other players in the game. After all, when it comes to such high prices played to have a mobile phone, it is simply proving far too expensive for many individuals to even have an account. Back in the days of simply flip phones and some basic texting, individuals would pay $30 or so for a mobile phone plan. Now most people spend well over $100 for the same monthly service. While more data is included, it is still proving to be especially costly. That is why, according to a review, FreedomPop is doing everything that it can to help those individuals save money. It’s recent financial fund raising is making this more and more possible and allowing the company to do more things most in the industry ever thought possible.

FreedomPop, as a startup out of LA, has had to constantly battle to raise money. However, as the company has allowed over a million customers within the United States to drastically cut back on their mobile phone bills, it has become easier and easier. Plus, the company is not doing what other larger service providers are doing. Just this last quarter, Verizon was fined $1.4 million for installing a super cookie onto the phones of all users. This cookie obtained information from a person’s Internet usage on the phone and sent the info back to Verizon, allowing the company to tailor make ads specially for what the person looks up on their mobile phone. Despite the fine, the company has done little to make amends for it. This is something FreedomPop simply is not doing, which is allowing it to gain the confidence of users throughout the United States.

The Importance of Coriant

Coriant is a company few have heard of outside of the tech industry. However, it is a very important company that has helped with the growth of companies around the world. What is it? The Coriant company focuses on the delivering of data inside of a company. With the growth of data consumption rising steadily over the last few years (and no end in sight), it is more important now than ever before to have a business with a strong network. With the help of Coriant and its new CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir, the business is striving to offer the very best networking opportunities to businesses around the world.

In order to be able to provide the faster data transfer rates, it is essential to have a network capable of handling this kind of larger data transfers. The kind of technology used to handle this kind of data transfer has evolved in recent years. When companies relied on internal phone lines, there wasn’t much else a company could do outside of using phone cabling. Once the industry moved to high speed Internet connections and Ethernet cabling, it helped spur the continual growth of the industry. However, now Coriant is offer a fiber optics cable connection that works far faster than any kind of traditional cable connection.

Fiber optics is still a cable based connection, but it uses a plastic or glass based internal connection. Within this connection, beams of light are sent through the clear connector in order to provide the data. As light travels faster than an electrical current, it not only can send the information faster but in larger quantities. All of this is possible with the help of Coriant.

When Coriant spun free of Nokia Siemens, it become a stand alone company looking for a CEO capable of taking the business to the next level. The new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir not only had experience creating the fiber optics connection for Verizon, but he studied it during his Ph.D. program while also obtaining additional experience within the field working on the board of directors of several major financial companies.

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The Trouble With Finding The Right Fashion To Create An Image

Erin Heatherton has been having trouble finding the right fashion and style to show her real image. In return, she has been appearing with fashion clothes and items not so appealing all because of having confusion on what she wants to wear. She however not vowed to hide behind insecurities and secrets anymore because as a woman in fashion she has a choice in what she can wear without experiencing conflictions of her personality and her body image, after facing lots of personality conflictions she decided to redirect her any to play the role of being a change catalyst.

I think Erin should have found out about JustFab; JustFab has everything for all women. They have changed the experiences of many shoppers by giving them personalized fashion items and styles. JustFab also has a VIP section for all the VIP and is saving them millions of dollars. The fashion house makes you crave for items which they have but at a convenient price. Once a person joins the membership section they have the choice to choose what they want from the designing to production up to finishing, just fab also has free shipping to those who are pleased and buy their products. Their online market is superb for all designs from the head to the toe; JustFab clears doubts of the kind of fashion one wants to have to depend on the taste. Their products are also available for wholesale and retail traders.

The summer spring specials are more than ready for all women. Every month just fab has new styles for every woman which is made in their office in Los Angeles. They have a variety for all online shoppers including clothes, jewelry, shoes, boots, for all ages. For every member who join the JustFab VIP section, they are guaranteed to get 20 5 off all the items they first buy. The online market is convenient for all persons across the world with free shipping for the VIP members. The Just fan has developed all these with its team of fashion designers who develop from sketches to magnificent designs for all. The firm has a saying that you can get everything so long as you dress for it.

Once one is interested in joining the VIP section, first they create their own style profile in the just fab online profile. Then personalize their fashion from shoes, clothes, and handbags, then start to enjoy exclusive prices meant for all VIP members by JustFab. Once the orders are over $ 39 the VIP person gets free shipping. The VIP membership is salon free to cancel if one is not completely satisfied with the membership. To avoid conflicting style and expectation from what you need, visit Just Fab online profile and get all you need in style and fashion hat is unique.

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