The Manse On Marsh Wins Another Award

The Manse on Marsh is accepting its second consecutive “Caring Star” award from and its user base. This yearly award is given to the assisted living communities that are determined to be the most dedicated to resident satisfaction and quality of life. The criteria for entry into consideration is strict with a minimum 4-star all-time average rating by users, no outstanding negative user complaints, and a minimum of one 5-star rating between Dec. 1, 2014 – Sep. 30, 2015. The Manse on Marsh exceeded these minimum requirements by significant margins with a 5-star all-time average rating by the website’s users and 5 5-star ratings during the competition period.

The Manse on Marsh has multiple locations and it was the San Luis Obispo County location which services the Arroyo Grande community that won the coveted “Caring Star” award. The campus provided studio, single bedroom, houses, and even cottages for residents to choose from allowing for a diverse range of independence and privacy. The location also provides restaurant-quality open dining, convenient transportation, social activities, 24/7 medical staff on site. The entire setup lends itself to a more personalized, caring, and enjoyable assisted living community which has earned the distinction bestowed by the award. CEO and co-founder Andy Cohen has explained that the annual award is meant as a way to promote and guide users to the highest quality and most trustworthy businesses when seeking communities to retire to. He further cited that studies show online based consumer reviews are fast becoming the most influential form of recommendation in the world. Its effectiveness has exceeded the opinion of medical professionals, personal recommendations, and other forms of review. For that reason, committed to finding the best communities through its service and users. The Manse on Marsh Executive Director & CEO Logan Sexton received the award and thanks the residents and their families for their continued support in the business and their care programs.  Be sure to follow TheManseBlog for more information on what the facility has done to this point.  Or visit their Twitter page for current news and updates.

Madison Street Capital Bringing In Accolades

According to an article found on, Madison Street Capital has surpassed expectations yet again because they have cleaned up on additional awards. Madison Street Capital is not only known as one of the fastest growing financial institutions, but they are also becoming top-flight with respect to their customer service and general overall satisfaction as well. One of the top honors that can be bestowed upon anyone was given to Anthony Marsala of Madison Street Capital. Being named to any list is important enough, but when you consider Marsala was named to the 40 under 40 list by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts, it means Madison Street Capital is able to call one of the best in their field one of their own.

Madison Street Capital is not just a firm that understands the ways that finances are supposed to be run, they are a model for the rest of the financial landscape. When you consider the amount of paranoia that has occurred in the economic and investment world since the great recession of a decade ago, there are still people who won’t be comfortable when it comes to banking or investments. That is exactly why there is so much optimism when it comes to Madison Street Capital. When it comes time to deal with the world of financial services, people simply want to have someone hold their hand.

It isn’t just about getting transactions processed or about getting answers to specific questions. The important thing that people want when it comes to financials is that individuals and customers want to be able to feel comfortable. It doesn’t matter what the situation is. They just want to know that they are being taken care of and that if they have problems they will be able to turn to someone who can actually help. When it comes to Madison Street Capital that is exactly the type of service that is being offered.

Whether it is due to the leadership of someone just like Anthony Marsala specifically, or it is simply the culture that Madison Street Capital has created, each and every person continues to feel like they are being taken care of when it comes time to speak about customer service. As long as you can have an organization like Madison Street Capital that clearly knows how to handle the financial transactions of the business sector, then you have a place that will stay in business. However, when you find an organization that can treat each and every client like their needs truly matter, then you will have a business that will end up thriving in the long run. Madison Street Capital has started to propel themselves and they are certain to continue on with their current trajectory.

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Wen by Chaz: The All-in-One Hair Product

I don’t know about you, but I like to conserve and I like to have things as much as possible in as little as possible. When I buy from Amazon a Blu-Ray, I like that it also comes with a DVD and a digital copy. I’m getting the most bang for my buck. When it comes to hair products, WEN by Chaz is the all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment. Again, that is getting the most out of your money. It saves space in my shower and gives me as much as I could possibly need when it comes to my hair care needs.

However, there is someone out there whose opinion holds a lot of ground in the hair-care world and that is Emily McClure of, as she works as a Fashion and Beauty Blogger for the website. She has experience with testing out products and with experience, you gain knowledge. It is a truly win-win when you get to use products and inform the people on what are some of the best products out there. Wen by Chaz is one that is gaining a lot of steam and has people all over the hair-care world talking. She recently wrote a fantastic piece on the product, which can be read here:

She walks the reader through the process from day one to day seven. She also talks about the benefits of the Sephora marketed products and aids the reader with pictures to show her hair the day she used it. This gives you the full scope of the product and what it does and what it can do for your hair. You don’t have to worry about someone just talking about it, as they provide the pictures to back up their work. When it comes from a self-proclaimed hair-care fanatic, you know the product is worth its salt. Visit their website:


Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold Go Global!

For most us, drinking coffee is part of our daily routine. There’s nothing better than a nice fresh cup of steaming hot delicious coffee. In 2008, Bernardo Chua started his company with just that. That coffee is so good that it has since gone global. Organo Gold started in Vancouver, Canada with only three employees. Now, they serve thirty-five countries and have thousands of employees and distributors. In 2015, he was recognized as Outstanding Global Entrepreneur by the National Consumer Affairs Foundation and received two awards. Organo Gold was also awarded two People’s Choice Awards, for Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee and Number One Global Network Marketing Company.

Bernardo T. Chua was born in the Philippines, as listed on his Facebook, he is well seasoned in multi level marketing. The very successful businessman is called “Bernie” by his friends and family. He first worked for Gano Excel in 1999, which is located in his homeland. He had an important role in the expansion of Gano Excel to Canada, the United States, and even to Hong Kong. Eventually, he moved to the state of California to work as president of Gano Excel U.S.A.

In the year 2008 Bernardo Chua founded his own company, he named it Organo Gold. Chua had a vision, he would sell a wide range of bioactive and healthy coffee products. These products contain Ganoderma lucidum, which comes from the lingzhi mushroom. They can be found growing on logs and wood all around the planet, it has been highly regarded in Asian countries for centuries for its many benefits. He is the first to market the beneficial herb with beverages across the world, successfully.

His company Organo Gold may have started out small, with only three employees. Today, Organo Gold has thousands of employees and over one millions distributors all around the world. On top of all that, within only five short years Organo Gold has become the 55th largest direct selling company in the world. We can only expect Organo Gold to grow as time passes on, Chua says he’s always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition.

Desiree Perez Gets Tidal Off to a Fresh Start

When rumors swirl around the web about how Apple may be looking to acquire your business you must be doing something right. Tidal has been the latest talk of the town when it comes to music streaming, and some of this is because there are rumors that Apple may want to buy this music streaming service. The other thing that makes people talk so highly about Tidal is the fact that it is doing better than anyone may have ever thought. Desiree Perez is the one that has made that a reality. Read more: Who is Des Perez?

It has become quite interesting to see someone that has made people take notice of Tidal. This was an interesting concept for a music streaming service in the beginning because it was owned by the artists. Usher, Madonna, Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj – just to name a few – were originally involved with the Tidal Experience. These are all co-owners of the Tidal music streaming service, but it was Jay-Z who put up more than $40 million to acquire the business.

After the hype and the smoke cleared it was difficult – in the beginning – for Tidal to become a true music streaming competitor. None of the major stars that were associated with the ownership of Tidal were in place to release new albums. Beyonce was still riding the success of a surprise album that had been released prior to the Tidal acquisition. Rihanna was working on new material, but nothing was ready to stand out as a Tidal exclusive. Even Kanye West was holding his material as he celebrated fatherhood and a new marriage.

As time progress the Tidal corporate level affairs would change in an unfavorable way for Jay-Z. Leaders would change 3 times, and people would continue to look as this music streaming service as Tidal the Titanic. It seemed as if this was a slow sinking ship, but Dez Perez would offer the life preserver that was needed to help this business venture stay afloat. She came on board – unofficially – at a time when major artists like Rihanna and Beyonce were gearing up for new albums. She would make Tidal the exclusive spot for some of this new content. It would be the thing that would inspire customers to sign up for a chance to access this content. This brilliant leadership from Dez Perez helped Tidal make a fresh start.

Lime Crime Puts Out The Brightest Colors In The Industry

Lime Crime has created the best colors in the fashion industry, and that also means that people will be able to finally wear the colors that they want. It is very easy for people to get the results that they want, and then they will be able to have a look that is consistent with what their needs are. They can match their clothes, or they will be able to match all their colors on their face. It is going to be much easier for women to look their best.

That means that women can come on the website and see things that are going to make it that much easier for them to pick the colors that they need. They will also be able to use the colors that they think are going to be the most fun. That could be their favorite color, or it could match their favorite color. It is a real change from what has been going on in the industry up to this point in time. There are many women who will finally find the colors they need when they try the website for the first time.

This is a special website where people can buy their makeup, and then they will be able to get the results that they want without a thought. They will see the colors that they think are the most interesting, and they will always see new products coming up. They might even find all the vegan products to be healthier just because that is something that they have wanted to do in the past.

There are a lot of people who are going to be able to make their personal style look great, and they are going to find something that makes them feel amazing because it just the thing that they have been looking for. Every woman in the world deserves to have a chance to make herself look amazing, and she deserves to feel like she has real options. That is why Lime Crime is so great because it helps women feel like they are doing something special.  Check out what they have to offer on Doll’s Kill, and keep up to date by following LC on Tumblr.

Makari de Suisse is the Answer to Ageing Skin for People of Color

Makari de Suisse offers a quality line of beauty products made especially for the benefit of women and men of color. They provide specific products for skincare, and cosmetics. They use natural products that add in smoothing out skin tones and other areas, that are made with all natural ingredients like Argan Oil, Carrot Oil, and Caviar. These ingredients help to moisturize, hydrate and nourish the skin and hair.

Makari offers a special line of skin whitening cream, that helps reduce dark spots, stretch marks, and acne scars. Their goal is to help you achieve glowing skin with an even skin tone. Their products are manufactured in Switzerland, using natural plant extracts. They put their products through extensive testing and scrutiny to assure they offer the best possible results.

The products are available in local skincare and beauty stores. They are also available in private locations in Brussels, Paris and New York. The line consists of 60 different products, including skin care, baby products, make up, and body lotions. None of the products they offer contains Hydroquinone, a controversial ingredient that has been shown to have harmful side effects. Makari is very focused on natural ingredients for all their products. Products they offer include:

• Makari offers an exfoliating soap for the face and body that cleanses and brightens the skin tone. It can be used every day.

• Makari Naturalle Carotonic Extreme Lightening Body Lotion. It contains enriched carrot oil and is great for dry-normal skin. It is a multi-vitamin toning lotion that brightens skin, leaving it silky soft.

• Makari Naturalle Intense Extreme Lighting Serum with Shea Butter, lightens skin, and protects it from sun damage. It helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles also. It is terrific for dry to normal skin.

Makari uses Organiclarine in their skin care products. It reduces the signs of aging skin, dark spots, liver spots and other pigmentation problems. This is a natural ingredient that will not cause further damage to your skin, like many products containing harsh chemicals may. You can feel confident that Makari’s products will help your skin look and feel much better.

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