Securus Technology Changing Lives Through Connections

The short video shows an introduction of a video visitation technology. It shows that it is possible for an inmate to see a performance dedicated to him by his family members or friends. The web-based system makes it possible for the father, who is an inmate, to communicate with his son face-to-face, through video visitation. It is like they are meeting face to face without the prisoner leaving the facility. The son has an alternative to on-site visitation and saves more time spent on the road while traveling. The system can also allow daily visitation whenever possible.


The long journeys, back and forth, between the facilities and homes, are avoided as the system offers an ideal solution. I could just sit back on my couch and have a face-to-face communication with a family member or friend who is in prison. In this video, the father could give direction on where he wants the focus to be. His voice is heard instructing others, in the other end, to focus on his son. This enables him to see the performance of his son and notice changes in his son’s development. The video is meant for promotion or for the introduction of the system, but it contains wording on it that says more about what they system can do. The video also talks of the convenience that the system creates in the lives of people. I agree that the system is very convenient. The world is changing, and inmates are human beings too. Hence, they need to benefit from inventions made by other human beings. Watch this video on Youtube.


About Securus Technologies

 The technology firm deals with phone, video, voicemail and email services. These services are mainly offered in correctional facilities across Canada, and the United States. It uses technology to make the lives of inmates and their family members and friends easier, through the connection. One of its invention known as the video visitation has gone further to make online visitation possible.


On their web page, it is stated that anyone who wants to participate in the Securus video visitation should create a free account, and accept the terms and conditions of the company. The participant would also need to register with the facilities, where the service is offered. Computer with internet access, a valid email address, and a web camera are also needed for one to participate. The technology firm allows participants to have the option of onsite visit or online from the comfort of their homes. The onsite pre-schedule enables participants to avoid long lines when they visit prison by scheduling in advance. This reduces waiting time when one visits a correctional facility. This is a system that I would recommend to everyone who values their time and are not fond of traveling.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Madison Street Capital Nominated for Two Prestigious Awards

As reported on Benzinga, M & A Advisor has nominated Madison Street Capital during their 15th award ceremony. These awards are seen as the pinnacle in the investment banking industry. The awards celebrate Madison Street Capital’s success in deal and financing.

The first nomination comes in the small boutique investment firm category. It pays tribute to smaller investment firms that work mainly with small and middle size entrepreneurs finding them the capital that they need to keep operating and helping them merge together or with larger firms if that is their desire. Madison Street Capital is proud of the help that they can provide businesses when they need their services. A few of the services offered by the firm include financial advisory services, merger and acquisition expertise, financial opinions, and valuation services. This allows business people to keep concentrating on the parts of their business that they know the best.

The second nomination comes for the work that Madison Street Capital did with helping Dowco purchase Acuna & Asociados S.A. This purchase of a large Chilean steel manufacturer positions Dowco to be more successful in bidding on numerous projects throughout the world since they now control their own supplier.

The final winners will not be announced until a November gala event. Keep watching for more exciting announcements as that time draws nearer.

Madison Street Capital proudly operates offices around the world including the United States, Ghana and India. Madison Street Capital has carefully chosen these locations because they see the importance of emerging markets to the global economy. From these offices, they can easily travel throughout the world. The success of their business is based on giving trusted advice in a timely manner to business people around the world because often global trading deals happen very fast across numerous time zones.

Adam Goldenberg Is Making Fashion Fun Again

If anyone has seen the Zoolander movies, which are hilarious, by the way, they know that oftentimes people take fashion a little too seriously. They poke fun at it in a harmless way Thanks to Adam Goldenberg, it is once again fun and it is once again something that people can enjoy and truly get something out of in their day-to-day lives. They don’t have to dread going to the store and shifting through countless items only to come up empty. That is a very disappointing feeling for the customer. One of the major problems with fashion is the cost. If someone attends a retail store, most of the time, Goldenberg are paying full retail price for something they are rather lukewarm on in the first place.

However, they feel like they need to buy something and just go with it because they want to get something. That is not the kind of shopping experience that Adam Goldenberg or Don Ressler want the customer to have when they use JustFab. They want them to get the most out of it and, again, have some fun with it along the way. Shopping and fashion can be fun and it does not need to be stuffy or have a sense of elitism to it.

That is why so many people are enjoying JustFab and getting so much use out of it. They see two regular guys like Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg and they know they are smart businessmen that know what they want. Even though they own a business, they are just two guys with a passion for business and a passion for making customers happy. It is hard not to notice that when someone looks at JustFab and signs up for it as a monthly subscription service at the low price of $39.95. There are a lot of goodies to look forward to in the bag from shoes, handbags, and accessories. One of the things Goldenberg stress and one of the things that is very important to them is that the items are suited for the customer.

It is a very disappointing feeling when someone signs up for something and they don’t get what they want or what they were looking for on Crunchbase. They have been waiting all week or all month for this to arrive and they only like maybe half of the products. With JustFab, the customers are going to like every single item.