Squaw Valley Ski Resort Is Handling A Water System Failure

Squaw Valley is the second largest ski complex in the Lake Tahoe area. In 2016, Squaw Valley was voted the best ski resort in North America. The resort features incredible slopeside lodging. There are more than 60 bars, restaurants, and boutiques on the premises. Squaw Valley gets more than 450 inches of snow every year. Skiers are on the slopes well into the spring, so the resort is known for its long ski seasons. Alex Cushing opened Squaw Valley in 1949, and Andy Wirth took over as CEO in 2010. Wirth has an extensive background in the ski industry, so when it came time to expand the ski resort, he was the man the Cushing family chose to oversee the expansion and the resort. Squaw Valley merged with Alpine Meadows in 2010, and the resort is in the process of getting approval to expand again, in 2017.

The ski industry relies on the weather to produce revenue. The last five years have been a challenge for the ski industry in the Western part of the United States because of the lingering drought. The drought subsided in 2015, and Squaw Valley had a great year. Wirth and the staff are expecting another great year in 2016, but the weather didn’t cooperate at the beginning of the season. In October 2016, Squaw Valley was inundated with water, compliments of a freak storm. Four wells were contaminated by the flood waters. The four contaminated wells service the High Camp and Gold Coast areas of the resort. According to a statement released by Liesl Kenney, the Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, the E. coli bacteria were found in the wells during a routine water test. Source: http://www.sierrasun.com/news/environment/squaw-valley-issues-statement-on-upper-mountain-water-quality/

The E. Coli bacteria infect people of all ages. Kenney said the restaurants in the two areas were closed immediately. She also said the Environmental Health Department in Placer County was called in to inspect the water system, and the Squaw Valley Public Service District was notified as well. Other health and water experts also assisted in the inspection of the wells and the infected water system. No skiers were exposed to the virus, according to Kenney.

Finding the E. coli bacteria in water is not uncommon after a flood. Squaw Valley was able to take the appropriate steps to rid the water of the bacteria. Three of the four wells are E. coli free, and the fourth well will be free of the virus soon. The skiers and the guests have not been inconvenienced by the contaminated water system.

More than 265,000 cases of E. coli infections occur every year in the United States. The good news is Squaw Valley prevented an outbreak by reacting quickly to the signs.

The ski season is in full swing at Squaw Valley. Snow is falling every day, so the slopes and trails are in perfect condition. Andy Wirth and the staff at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows are doing their best to make the 2016/2017 season one for the record books in terms of longevity and revenue. The well contamination issue won’t stop Wirth and company from having a great season.

Gooee LED Lighting for Home Environments

A lot of people know about LED lighting and the costs that are associated with buying these lights. There are some lights, however, that are purchased that can obtain an IP address. This is one of the popular Gooee LED light solutions. This is totally changing the way that people think about lighting because it represents a new realm of smart lighting.


The smart LED lighting by Gooee gives people the chance to change what is happening in their living space. They can turn the lights on or off remotely. This is typically done through an Internet connection on their smart phone or tablet. That is the amazing thing about using an LED solution like Gooee’s. It allows people to even change the color of the light – depending on the type of light – when you use the TCP/IP based LED lighting solutions. People that love technology will view this as a futuristic move by Gooee in the right direction.


Gooee LED lighting solutions has totally changed the way that people use lights. It is easier for homeowners to take control of their homes now that they have smart devices and LED lighting solutions.




Looking into Sam Tabar’s Personal and Social Life

We learn a lot from the life of Attorney and Capital strategists, Mr. Sam Tabar. Tabar started off his career as an associate at Skadden. He has played a significant role in the Judiciary and the community as a whole. Currently, he is a practicing attorney in New York. How has Tabar managed both his personal and social life?

Tabar engages with the society through his Instagram and Facebook accounts where he posts pictures often. His fans get to engage with him by commenting on his posts. Tabar joined Twitter in September 2014. On his Twitter account, he has expressed his feelings through the picture and videos he posts.

Tabar has had a hand in founding and management of several companies. In 2013, FullCycle energy was founded. Tabar was then named FuelCycle’s Chief Operating Officer. His plan for the company was to drive it away from high polluting fuels to other fuels that are environmentally friendly and of low cost.

Tabar has had numerous accomplishments that have shaped the society around him positively. One of his well-known life accomplishments is that of being appointed Chief Operating Officer at FullCycle. Tabar has also served as Head of Capital Strategy for Merrill Lynch (Bank of America). He also worked as Co-Head of Marketing for Sparx Group (PMA). While working with the Columbia Business Law Journal, he did some writing and editing gigs.

Tabar has contributed to the society in many different ways. Tabar seeks to help women feel more confident in their lives by encouraging them to be innovative and venture into the social settings boldly. One of the private investors Mr. Tabar has worked with is SheThinx, a company rooted in the feminine hygiene industry with the aim of changing the face of this industry.

Tabar’s life story has featured in sites such as PRNewswire, and his acting career on IMDB which focuses on the film industry. Tabar has had a significant role in the community by supporting startup companies in different industries.

We should all try and emulate the life and achievements of Sam Tabar. By focusing more on the positive impact our actions cause rather than the gain we get from our actions, the society will be accommodating to everyone who keeps working hard.

The Professional Career of Eucatex President Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf’s professional trajectory has been encouraging. He has met success at every turn. He was born in 1961. Flavio Maluf graduated from the University of Armando Alvaro Penteado Foundation in Sao Paulo with the highest honors in Mechanical Engineering degree. This is one of the best universities in the world. For this reason, his college education is credible. It is the reason why he has achieved much in the business community. For the company, they value his innovative culture. Flavio went to the United States to undertake a qualification in Business Administration at the public University of New York.

Flavio Maluf, in 1986, got married to Jacqueline Torres. The fruits of their marriage were three lovely children. The couple has led a happy life. Their children have been a blessing in their relationship. Flavio is glad that his children want to lead the life he always dreamt. The 22-year-old daughter is the eldest child in the family. She has completed her education from the University of London. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. The 19-year-old son is one of the best business innovative minds in the family. He graduated from the University of Alvares Penteado Foundation University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. The 15-uear-old son is the youngest child in the family. He wants to follow the footprints if his father. He is studying mathematics Engineering at the University of London.

Since 1987, Flavio Maluf has worked in the company. He started at the trade department of the company. He was given the assignment to oversee exports and domestic trades. He also tools record of sales date and developed a working table to determine the future growth of Eucatex. For this reason, the department saw a leader in him. After five years, he moved to work in the manufacturing department of the company. He was given the task to oversee the production of furniture. Whenever the machines failed, he would use his mechanical engineering knowledge and fix problems. When he was appointed as an Executive Board Member of Eucatex Group of Companies, the management saw the great potential in him.

The Truth About Madison Street Capital

Corporate finances can be overwhelming for any business, but it’s Madison Street Capital that knows best about these corporate financial matters. As an international investment banking firm, MSC has been advising major corporations since 2005 on various aspects of their corporate finance. Conducting business with integrity is the main focus of MSC, and it’s the heart and soul of every aspect of their own business that they conduct. This is why the Madison Street Capital reputation is a solid one to live up.


The one thing many corporations miss out on is the long-term relationship building that is essential to the success of any business. This means that the corporation and the client should mutually benefit from every transaction that takes place. MSC has vast experience in all areas of financial advising for corporate matters, and they are currently focused on advising on issues like market pricing, deal structuring, design and the implementation of exit strategies but above all they are also focused on specialized financing.


Expertise is necessary in all areas of finance, and it’s critical that the methodology used by MSC is recognized for what its greatness. This leading provider in advisory services is M&A advisory as well as valuations in America, Asia, and Africa as well. There are numerous services offered by MSC to help corporations manage their finances including:


  • Private placements
  • ESOP advisory
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Reorganization services
  • Bankruptcy
  • Capital restructuring
  • Buy outs
  • Corporate governance. These areas of opportunities are only a small part of what MSC can do for any corporation. The valuation of a corporation is just as important as any other aspect of the business, and it’s vital that a valuation is done for the purpose of vision, financial preparedness, as well as tax compliance. Valuations are done to always determine the worth of a company for the sake of investments that may come in addition to the initial upfront investment. Valuations are also a key component of financial reporting, so that the information inside the report is accurate. Structured finance products offer guidance as well as a definitive answer on how those products can benefit a corporation. Additionally, MSC will offer share based compensation, purchase price allocations, and goodwill and intangible asset allocation. The allocation of funds and products that have a financial foundation are all important. When a corporation is in the process of making major decisions that concern the financial well-being of their business long-term, opinions are also available to the leadership board as they seek guidance on solvency and other matters that concern the future of the company.

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