Secure Your Retirement With Richard Blairs’ Wealth Solutions Company

Profits aren’t the sole reason businesses exist. All businesses ought to make a positive and meaningful change in the communities they operate. No wonder, cooperate social responsibility (CSR) weighs in heavily on the minds of all CEOs. Wealth Solutions is a perfect epitome of a hedge fund firm which goes above and beyond in giving back to the society.

Improving Lives

The residents of Austin, Texas are the primary recipients of the benevolence of Wealth Solutions. The seasoned investor, Richard Blair sits at the helm of this organization. According to his memoirs, Mr. Blair confesses that doing a fantastic job fills him up with confidence.

To date, Mr. Blair’s is responsible for turning around – for the better, the lives of a countless number of people in Austin. Numerous businesses owe Mr. Richard a ton of gratitude for their current success.

Taking Calculated Risks

Attaining financial freedom is a daunting task. For one, circumstances change on a daily basis. An investment considered safe today is a no-go zone tomorrow. As a layperson, it is next-to-impossible to make perfect sense of what happens next.

The best you can do is to find a certified financial guru and analyst to help you figure out the risks and the rewards involved in the particular investment venture you are eyeing.

What’s the 3 Pillar Policy?

For years, everyone was baffled by the sheer unprecedented successes enjoyed by Wealth Solutions Inc. Now, we finally know the secret behind their clients’ double, triple-digit portfolio gains. Here’s a little bit about the award-winning three pillar approach used at the hedge firm.

It’s impossible for the financial wizards to come up a viable road map without first understanding the financial background of their clients. Then, once that information gets analyzed, the experts decide the best investment opportunities to sink the clients’ money in. The third pillar involves taking out comprehensive insurance and annuities for its customers.

Meet Richard Blair

The process appears effortless to the clients who stand to make millions at times. In essence, however, there’s a lot of inner-working which goes on behind the scene. According to Wealth Minder, The satisfying results and outcomes the customers of Richard Blair Wealth Solutions love so much wouldn’t have been possible without the wealth of knowledge of Mr. Richard Blair.


Blair’s the recipient of the following financial certifications. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is a Certified Fund Specialist (CFS), Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP), Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS) and the Certified Estate and Trust Specialist (CES). His successful firm is in cooperated into the Registered Investment Authority (RIA).

Excellent Leadership- Arthur Becker

Madison Partners LLC is a venture that has been focusing on Real Estate and initial Bio Tech investment. The Managing Member of the organization is Arthur Becker. Before his appointment at Madison, Becker worked at Zinio LLC from 2012-2015 as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Zinio LLC is considered to be the largest digital newsstand company in the United States. Mr. Arthur Becker has held several other top leadership positions in several companies including being the Chief Executive Officer of Navisite. Navisite is a NASDAQ quoted company which responsible for the provision of internet services, hosting and colocation of enterprises in the United States and the United Kingdom. Becker worked for the firm from 2002 -2010.

Navisite has its offices located in the United Kingdom, United States, and India. Navisite has been responsible for the provision of data hosting as well as the application of cloud to the businesses. For seven years Arthur Becker worked as a senior advisor for Vera Wang Fashion Company. After the sale of Navisite, Arthur invested in the real estate and technology industry. The idea of Madison Partners came when he was still working at Zinio LLC. At Zinio, he was fully engaged in the real estate and technology. Arthur saw the need of investing on condominium advancement in New York City.

In an interview, Arthur mentioned that he has been interacting a lot with medical experts especially in the field of cancer. His interaction with medical professionals has helped him get exposure in different health approaches. Arthur believes that if one wants to make it the business world, one has to be a good listener and staying flexible in one’s plan. He also said that talent is essential in doing a successful business. Arthur also mentioned that he had failed several times in the firm, and the failures taught him how to move forward and never repeat the mistakes.

Arthur Becker is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Madison Partners LLC. After his High School graduation, Arthur attended Tuck school of Business at Dartmouth where he pursued Business education. Arthur also graduated from Bennington College with BA. Mr. Arthur is committed to seeing the expansion of Madison Partners LLC.

The Achievements of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is an inspiration and a role model to many women across the world. She is a leading figure in the creative and marketing industry. Lori has enjoyed an illustrious career and has been serving in executive positions. Her story started after she graduated from the McGill University in Montreal with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in finance and marketing. Since then, hard work, diligence, and passion have ensured as much success in her career as possible. At the moment, she is the CEO of CP+B, LLC. She is also the President of MDC’s Partners Network.



“Clueless Or Subtly Strategic?”



This is an article written by Lori in which she talks about what corporations can learn from unruly celebrities. She also details some nine tips in the article which focus on the key issues a brand can embrace to achieve success. The points on the branding strategies are well-thought of, and they are backed by facts and evidence from the past.



Role at CP+B



At the firm, Lori is responsible for expansion and growth of its eight international offices. She is also in charge of the operative initiatives of all of the global offices and the strategic route the firm will take in opening new offices. Senecal is a creative person and an innovator, and she is known for bringing in new technology and innovation into the company. Senecal is determined to make the company’s network fruitful and unique.



Before CP+B hired her, she was the executive chairman of KBS as well as the president of Partner Network. She stopped working for KBS when she got the job at CP+B. The co-chairman praised her saying that she shared the beliefs, values, and passion of the agency.



Interview with Laura Dunn



An interview with Laura Dunn of The Huffington Post revealed that Lori’s young life played an important role in who she is today. Being born as the last in a family of four talented siblings challenged Lori to dream bid and to be courageous so as to be unique.



Lori encourages her employees to be inventive and supports passion-driven projects. She also encourages the enterprises that she works for to create a culture and environment of creativity and innovation amongst workers.



Senecal advises ladies who wish to be in the creative and marketing industry that they be respectful and humble towards clients.



Kabbalah Centres are Meeting Places for Members and the L.A. Centre is the Largest

Kabbalah Centres are non-profit organizations centered around the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah. Kabbalah is not a religion, but a form of spirituality that originated thousands of years ago with the beginning of Judaism. Today, there are Kabbalah Centres in over 40 cities around the world, so anyone who is interested can learn about Kabbalah.

Kabbalah Centres provide courses of study about Kabbalah, which is based on the principles of Creation and the physical and spiritual laws of the universe. The instructors are elder Kabbalahists who pass down the practice of the principles. They believe that the human existence can be benfited by applying the universal laws.

Kabbalah also believes that there is joy in all peoples, so part of the journey is uncovering that joy. The Los Angeles Centre is the largest kabbalah Centre, and it was founded in the 1980s by the Rav and Karen Berg who had studied under Rav Ashtag. The first Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1922 in Israel by Rav Ashtag.

The study of the universal wisdom of Kabbalah is the main focus in the Centres and dinners are held so members can fellowship, along with meditation classes and videos.

Giving is one of the major principles, and to instill that in the members, they volunteer in the community that surrounds their Centre. These are all ways that Kabbalah is taught in the Kabbalah Centres.

The L.A. Centre streams the online Kabbalah Centre and unites all the Centres around the globe with events and conferences.Celebrities attend the LA Centre, and they agree that with regular attendance makes their lives much more manageable. They relate that the chaos and stress that comes with their lifestyle is reduced by 80 percent when they attend. Brittney Spears, Madonna and Paris Hilton are members as well as celebrities from the past such as Elizabeth Taylor and Sammy Davis Jr.

The Incredible Facts About UKV PLC Wines

UKV PLC Wines is a UK based company. It is dedicated in guide dealers in wines or champagne. They help them in selecting the best and finest drinks depending on the nature of occasions or the purpose of buying.

The company does this through their defined knowledge about the prevailing market demands. Also, they do supply merchants, wine brokers, and traders with wines. Lastly, UKV PLC offers brokerage services to investments that trade on grade wine in the UK that is under regulation.

UKV PLC Wines deals with red and white wines. They include Beychevelle from Saint-Julien appellation, the D’Yquem from Chateau d’Yquem winery in France, Montrose from the St.Estephe region, Ducru Beaucailou and Pichon Baron from the Pauillac appellation.

The company has Facebook and Twitter pages where it offers to advise people on all topics involving wine. They advise on the best wines to buy as well as, the places to get them. Also, due to their wide distribution network, they provide numerous solutions to their customers.

It is advisable to buy with UKV PLC Wines because of their team of consultants, who offer health and reliable advice to customers hence guaranteeing them of best quality wines. The company also helps producers in marketing and selling their wines.

However, UKV PLC Wines gets in contact with consumers directly they are able to get various information involving different tastes and feels of wines. They take this information back to the producers. The brewers are, therefore, in a position to maintain the standards or make some improvements on the brands. Also, they are connected to the best manufacturers and therefore they supply the best quality of wines in the market.

The good advantage about UKV PLC is that, they are independent and hence their policies of operation cannot be compromised. Also, they are not subjected to any single supply channel. This makes it possible and easy for any interested investor to freely relay on their services.

Finally, UKV PLC Wines has largely reached many parts of the world including Brazil, China and Russia among others. This makes them more reliable for both domestic and international investors. It is thus, one of the best distributors across the globe who will always want customers to get the best quality and quantity services. Therefore, anyone out there who is sickly in need of the best distributor kindly contact with UKV PLC Wines company.