Advantages Of Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a home business suitable for wine lovers. The company was launched in 2001. Its aim is to make the tasting of wine less stuffy. Traveling Vineyard now has more than 1,000 wine guides in more than 40 countries. The company has 21 distinct wine varieties in 3 categories including white, red, and fizzy or sweet.

Traveling Vineyard also deals with the sale of accessories like decanters, openers, and chillers. The price of wine per bottle ranges from $14 to $25. The wines by Traveling Vineyard have a guest satisfaction that is more than 98%.

There are four ways on how you can make money through the Traveling Vineyard. These includes online sales, home tasting events, creating a team, and monthly wine club sales. You can go from 15 percent to 35 percent in commission based on your monthly sales volume. A wine guide enjoys a 20 percent discount on wines. All the sales are combined in the personal volume of each month. Wine guides at Traveling Vineyard have no sales quotas per month as compared to direct sales companies. Wine guides are required to take five wine bottles with them for purposes of wine tasting for every party that they schedules.

You are given a credit of 75 dollars in case you manage to sell 250 dollars and get a minimum of three orders to the wine tasting party. You may apply this for the next set of tasting. You are awarded incentive trips where you are given a trip with all expenses paid when you meet certain milestones as a wine guide at Traveling Vineyard. Traveling Vineyard is an excellent home business that allows you to earn money from the comfort of your home. The more you work at the company, the more you get promotions.


Dubai’s Most Influential Entrepreneur and Property Developer

Over the course of many years, the United Arab Emirates have been a hot spot for real estate property development and investment. One of the most achieved entrepreneurs and real estate people in business was born in Dubai in 1956. Hussain Sajwani received his education in Economics from the University of Washington.

After he had received his Bachelor’s degree, the DAMAC owner started building his professional career by establishing several prosperous start – up companies. Before he went on to creating businesses, Mr Hussain Sajwani was a part of GASCO where he worked at the position of a contracts manager. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots

One of the most accomplished companies of Mr Hussain Sajwani was created in 1982 – Draieh Management Services Co, more widely known as DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties provide catering services of top quality.

The company has a huge team of experts and chefs that prepare the finest of meals. The catering company serves facilities in all sectors – legal profession, academic sector, and so on.

DAMAC Properties is also an investor in a number of projects of the industry of real estate. The company not only sponsors but also owns a large number of construction projects both in the United Arab Emirates and all across the globe. In fact, DAMAC Properties has been a part of nearly 18 000 property development projects over the years.

Mr Hussain Sajwani is also the founder of DICO Investments Co LLC. The company is one of the leading investment companies in the United Arab Emirates. It came to be in early 19892. Up to date, the investment firm has capitalised over $150 million and has expanded into several international offices.

The owner, Mr Hussain Sajwani Family has personally worked in partnership with many international investors and developers of real estate. One of his closest relationships is his friendship with current presidents of the States Donald Trump.

The family of Mr Hussain Sajwani is a close friend to the family of Trump. One of their most recent and successful projects together is the Trump International Golf Club. The project earned more than 2 million dollars in revenue from rental villas.

Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

Securus Technologies Honored by the 11th Annual Stevie Awards

On February 2017 in Las Vegas, Securus Technologies managed to win a Gold Stevie Award. The Awards are globally recognized, and they award customer service, sales professionals, contact center and business development. They started 11 years ago, and are held annually. Securus Technologies was honored for the Best Customer Service Training Department.



Securus Technologies provides civil and criminal justice technology solutions in various areas such as investigation, public safety, corrections, and monitoring. Some prestigious award programs organized by the Stevie Awards include the International Business Awards and American Business Awards.



The nominations for the Awards increased by 10% over 2016 and this translated to a whopping 2300 nominations. In this year’s competition, almost all companies in all industries and regardless of size were evaluated. The board of the Awards consisted of 77 professionals, and the organizations headed on to the final lists based on the average scores of these experts.



The senior vice president of operations at Securus, Danny de Hoyos, stated that the recognition they got from these awards illustrated their advancement and professionalism in the customer service field. He also mentioned that his firm’s training team recognized that the two most important ways to satisfy clients were to solve issues on first call and empathy for the customer’s state.



Danny continued that with these key ideas in mind, the team developed methods and materials that would help Securus’ staff focus on the needs of customers and empathize with them. He added that Securus boasted top rankings in first call scores and customer satisfaction due to the implementation of the methods and ideas.



The judges’ comments were positive with one lauding Securus for the vital role it plays in the society to ensure that individuals go through a great customer service experience. Another judge said that Securus Technologies did a remarkable job in a challenging environment.