Its Already Spring, Lets Be Clean

Spring cleaning is symbolically thoroughly cleaning a house during springtime. Spring cleaning dates earlier back in the 20s when prehistoric Jews and Hebrews thoroughly performed cleansing of their home in preparation for Spring-time biblical feast of the Passover as they remembered their captivity in Egypt.

Today, in Northern Europe and America the practice found a distinctive practical value to the region’s continental and wet climates. In the 19th century before the discovery of the vacuum cleaners, March was usually the ultimate time for dusting as it could get warmer enough to open doors and windows and the high current windows could carry the dust outside the house. This was also the time of the year when coal furnaces wouldn’t be used and everyone would wash all sorts of soot from the kitchen walls and furniture left by the furnace. It was also for the same reason that most urban households usually used the month of March to clean projects using chemicals which generate fumes.

Vacuum cleaners and chemical today are being used to wipe walls and ceilings, reseal grout lines, dust books and shelves, clean upholstered furnishings, wax wooden furniture’s, polish metal doors and window panes as well as ensure fire safety.

Handy, formerly known as Handybook is the largest spring cleaning platform that link individuals looking for household services with certified independent and top quality professionals. The company was founded in 2012 as a technical solution to a long lasting problem of finding trustworthy individuals and professionals for household cleaning.

Handy is a reliable company matching thousands of customers every day with its thousands if not hundreds of professional situated all over the world. The cleaning platform ensures an easy 1-minute booking procedure, securing of payment and a 100% money-back guarantee, making it the most convenient and easiest way to book home services.

The company was founded by Oisin Hanrahan who while attending Harvard University in the United States, met a classmate, Umang Dua who together developed Handy to isolate a group of professionals who they could trust to renovate a series of apartments that they had bought.

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Handy Continued Endeavors to Dominate the On-demand Professional Services Sector

Oisin Hanrahan, who is the co-founder of Handy, gave an insight on his company in an interview with Amanda Connolly from TNW. Unlike other startups that start and along the way lose focus, Handy has managed to keep its eyes on the target. Consequently, it has emerged as a multi-million dollar company in terms of net worth with a recent venture funding of $50 million.

During the interview, Oisin asserted that Handy bridges the gap between customers and contractors. Through this Handy ensures that both parties remain contented. It has maintained the status of its contractors as non-employees in a bid to lower operating cost. Subsequently, Handy’s contractors can comfortably carry out other roles, as well as offer professional services to boost their income. On the other hand, customers have the benefit of booking the services of a reliable expert at any time.

Handy is also said to be making significant employment moves in the corporate world such as the recent hiring of Tumblr’s top engineer. Oisin asserted that Handy intends to continue hiring top-notch experts and executives for a span of six months.

Handy is a pioneer firm in the on-demand professional booking services, which range from handy work and cleaning services. It was established out of the persistence of Oisin Hanrahan and his roommate, Umang Dua, who both decided to follow up their dreams by quitting Harvard. From its original name, Handybook, it has transformed considerably to a global competitor in the handy work sector with professionals in various locations who undergo pre-screening. Primarily, this is in a bid to ensure Handy’s clients receive top-notch services to complement their needs or desires.

Clients are in a position to book Handy’s services within a short duration as well as enjoy the security of their money through the hundred percent guarantee. Among its popular list of services, include furniture assembly, moving services, interior painting, home cleaning, TV mounting and hanging pictures and shelves.