Alexei Beltyukov Exemplifies Excellence in Russia

Alexei Beltyukov, the man, making headlines across Russia for his revolutionary deeds in the education and corporate scenes. Alexei has become something of a household name and exemplifies the values of hard work, determination, and innovation.  XRepublic highlights some examples of what Alexei is doing differently.

The Russian government loves working together with Alexei Beltyukov and his ventures. These two parties have demonstrated the belief in the success public-private partnerships. Alexei has been around as an entrepreneur since completing his MBA at INSEAD in 1997. Before upgrading his studies, he practiced medicine for some years before making the giant leap into entrepreneurship.

The transition Alexei underwent he always had a passion for business and he believed in his innovative and expressive side. It also happens that enterprise promises the world full of possibilities and dreams as well as the key to financial freedom. Today, Alexei is a mentor to hundreds of startup entrepreneurs in Russia, especially in the information technology sector.

One of his flagship companies is A-ventures that facilitates the financial rescue of financially unstable firms. This company, therefore, saves thousands of jobs besides keeping essential service delivery in the market. In 2013, he led the formation of a hedge fund named Endemic Capital. This firm offers investment advisory and financing to promising startups in the country. It has made the dreams of many young entrepreneurs to come to completion.

Alexei Beltyukov has also become one of the top philanthropists in Russia. If bailing out a struggling company or assisting in the establishment of another is not charity, then his pioneering role in securing scholarships for students at INSEAD places him firmly in this category. He also leads the Skolkovo Foundation as the vice-chairperson in promoting IT solutions among government and the private sector.

Despite a busy schedule, Alexei always finds the time to manage all his corporate interests and investments around the world. He never misses a board meeting and be rest assure he attends multiple meetings on a weekly basis. It takes a different kind of leader to manage all these things and soak up the pressure that comes with the responsibility. Am certain he has many admirers across the country.

Two decades is more than enough time to leave a lasting legacy as Mr. Beltyukov’s story indicates. More importantly, it’s important always to seek to provide solutions and carry our responsibilities with diligence. Alexei Beltyukov deserves an Excellence award for all his noble work over the years.  Alexei is also especially well known for the creation of  This website is an educational resource, meant to improve test scores, and a child’s ability to retain knowledge.  In fact, this work has proven that Alexei Beltyukov’s latest project is his finest.

Keith Mann is Instrumental in Providing Advanced Education for Low-income High School Students

Education and personal advancement are among the top values that our country represents, and Keith and Keely Mann share in those values. The January 25th edition of the Business Wire announced that they are introducing an award designed to spotlight the next generation of business leaders. They are partnering with Uncommon Schools and offering the “Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Personal Achievement” to low-income high school students.

Keith Mann has been an entrepreneur in the NYC executive search industry for over 15 years. He has developed strategic plans for the industry and is an expert in hedge fund compensation. Mr. Mann began Dynamics Executive Search in 2001, and in 2002, he began the Alternative Investment Practice within DES. Mr. Mann has successfully placed executive investment brokers into the investment industry while expanding his business.

The Uncommon School system is a non-profit charter school for ages K-12 grade. They have districts located in New York City, Massachusetts and New Jersey, and their goal is to prepare their students for the business world, hopefully guiding them into a college education after high school graduation.

This scholarship program started by Keith Mann will award $5,000 for a graduating student’s college education. Mr. Mann also invites other successful entrepreneurs to participate, so that more low-income students will have the opportunity to attend college and become leaders in the nest generation.

Mr. Mann believes that he is enabling a student to professionally use the degree to better their community when they graduate and enter the business world. The award is determined by the student who submits a 1,000-word essay on why they think a college education would help their career. They applications are collected through the month of February and the decision is announced in March.

Keith Mann is pleased to partner with Uncommon Schools, a non-profit charter school system based in New York City, to implement this scholarship, which will be available to one graduating senior each year at the Brooklyn-based school.

Recipient of Keith Mann Scholarship Announcement Scheduled for the End of March 2016

Graduating senior students attending Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York have the opportunity to submit applications for the 2016 Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship Award in the amount of $5,000. The deadline for accepting applications is February 29, 2016. An announcement of the winning student is expected by March 31, 2016. Each year one student from an Uncommon Charter High School will receive a scholarship from the fund, created by Co-Founder of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann. The fund was original announced in a Business Wire press release on January 25th of this year.

Non-profit charter management organization, Uncommon Schools and Keith Mann partnered together to create this opportunity for high school students in Brooklyn. The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship Fund is designed to give students from low income families financial assistance with college tuition. Mann’s inspiration to help high school seniors began in 2013 when Dynamics Search Partners teamed with the organization and offered two resume building workshops at one of the Brooklyn charter high schools. Members from Dynamics held the workshops that helped students build their resumes to enter college during that year. Uncommon Charter Schools Organization received contributions of $10,000 in 2013 and an additional $22,000 in 2015 from Dynamics Search Partners to support quality education in Brooklyn.
Keith Mann is Co-Founder, Managing Director and Vice President of Dynamics Search Partners, an executive staffing firm located in New York, N.Y. Mann founded the firm in 2001 and has years of experience in hedge funds, investment management, and professional search services. Keith Mann works with major equity firms and places qualified investment executives with some of the top hedge funds. Search services are offered to hedge funds, investment managers, and professionals seeking employment.
Dynamics staffing firm works with clients in Asia, Europe, and United States. The firm is also active in the Brooklyn charter educational system. 2016 high school graduates with dreams of attending college have time to submit applications for eligibility to receive a $5,000 Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship. Applications must be received by the end of February.

Ricardo Guimarães: Forbes Magazine Ranks Top American Business Schools


A newly released publication of Forbes Magazine ranks the top American business schools during the year 2015. The report says that students who would like to earn an MBA degree in one of the top American colleges would most likely need to pay $110,000 for each year and have a minimum score of seven hundred on the GMAT.

Here is the Forbes ranking of the top ten business colleges in the U.S.A. and the respective admissions requirements and acceptance rates:

1) Stanford Graduate School of Business
This school has tuition cost of $126,000. Stanford requires at least a score of seven hundred thirty points for admission.

2) Harvard Business School
In second place among American business schools is Harvard University, which has an yearly costs in the amount of $139,000. The institution requires at least a score of seven hundred thirty points. Only 7% of the applicants were approved.

3) Booth School of Business
Booth requires a minimum score of seven hundred thirty points on the GMAT and the university only approved about 24% of candidates. Ricardo Guimarães of BMG Bank, reports that the annual cost of tuition is $128,000.

4) The Wharton School
The annual cost of tuition is approximately $137,000 a year. Also, Wharton requires a minimum GMAT score of 728 points which resulted in an approval rate of 20%.

5) Haas School of Business
Haas requires a minimum score of seven hundred twenty points and is the least expensive institution on the list, says Ricardo Guimarães. The annual tuition cost is about $110,000. The approval rate in 2015 was only 13%.

6) Tuck School of Business
Tuck has the same minimum GMAT score requirement as Hass of seven hundred twenty points. The average yearly cost is $135,000 and around 22% of admissions applications were approved.

7) Yale School of Management
Yale also requires at least GMAT score of seven hundred twenty points. Yale approved 24% of applications and has yearly cost of about $124,000.

8) The Kellogg Management School
Yearly tuition cost at Kellogg are $127,600. Kellogg requires applicants to have at least a score of seven hundred twenty on the GMAT.

9) Columbia School of Business
In addition to requiring a minimum score of seven hundred sixteen points candidates must be able to pay $136,000 a year if they want to attend. The approval rate was 18% of applicants.

10) Leonard Stern Business School
L.S. Business School has a seven hundred ten on the GMAT and tuition cost around $131,000 a year.

Ricardo Guimarães, of Belo Horizonte, is President of Banoc BMG. Guimarães has worked in some capacity with the bank for more than 20 years. Guimarães is an influential businessman in Brazil and is highly regarded for his professional finance publications.