Gregory Aziz on a Safety Mission in Railroad Freight Car Industry

Gregory Aziz, the Chairman of National Steel Car, is on a safety mission in railroad freight car industry. Interestingly, he welcomed the new harmonized regulations for North America that ensures rail tank cars with highest safety standards to make sure flawless transportation of flammable liquids. Gregory James Aziz is always a proponent of next-generation safety measures considering the advancement of technology and innovation in the railcar industry. He says that the new policy gives clarity to the safety regulations, and it offers the strength to move forward with its safety advancement considering the need of the hour.



James Aziz confirms that as the leading railcar maker, National Steel Car is delighted with the new harmonized regulations. He further added that the recent incidents of repeated accidents both in the United States and Canada asking the intervention of such a safety policy. It should be noted that with the direction of Aziz, National Steel Car hired more than 900 professionals, improved plant capacity, added new equipment, and more in the last three years. The firm thinks that by upgrading the safety regulations, it also adds to the environmental footprint of the region, apart from safety and production capacity. It further stated that the company is in talks with its customers who need best-in-class safety solutions and seeking orders for the new rail tank cars with highest safety measures. Read This Page for related info.



Greg Aziz is also a strong proponent of quality in the industry and implemented the same in National Steel Car decades back. His quality measures helped the railcar major to win multiple industrial accreditations for the past several years. The firm is consistently accredited with ISO 9001:2008 certification and TTX SECO best quality awards for more than two decades. When it comes to ISO 9001:2008 accreditation, the company has got recertified almost 18 times as of today. His period also saw significant growth of the firm in terms of capacity, sales, profit, number of employees, and more.




In 1994, Greg purchased the railcar maker from Dofasco with a mission to revolutionize the railcar industry of North America. He learned that the company was the leader in the industry a few decades back. Greg wanted to repeat that feat, and he bet on the core qualities of the firm. With his efforts and the support of the employees, he achieved the feat within five years. Apart from overseeing the daily operations and devising strategies, Greg is also making the firm involved in various philanthropic initiatives.


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The All-Around Package: Gregory James Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is a successful business man who leads one of the world’s best railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies, located in his home province of Ontario.

A Family Man

Greg Aziz has been a family man who started his career by joining his family wholesale food business in 1971. He helped grow the company to import fresh foods and distribute them all across North America. Being the family man that he is, Greg J Aziz along with his wife, Irene, sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, a prominent agricultural fair located in Canada.


A Hard Worker

Greg went on to be the President and CEO of National Steel Car. Greg has been with National Steel Car for over 23 years. National Steel Car has over 100 years of excellence in engineering, manufacturing, and a commitment to quality. National Steel Car’s commitment to quality has paid off with being consistently awarded with the annual TTX SECO award, for over a decade. Through Greg Aziz’s strong leadership and team-building, National Steel Car has expanded manufacturing capacity from 3,500 cars per year in 1994 to 12,000 cars by 1999. Employment also grew during this period from a couple hundred employees to a few thousand employees.


The Future of National Steel

Under Greg Aziz’s guidance, National Steel Car has participated in the incentive and energy saving program supported by Horizon Utilities. By participating in this program, it has allowed National Steel Car to reduce its carbon footprint and lower its ongoing operating expenses. National Steel Car is thus dedicated to creating a healthier environment for the future.  Get More Information Here.


Giving Back

Because of Gregory Aziz’s family and community dedicated leadership, Greg has led National Steel Car to build a better community. National Steel Car has sponsored numerous local, national and international charities. Many of National Steel Car’s employees have participated in major food drives to support local food banks. On top of its charity donations, National Steel Car’s strongest contribution to their community is the thousands of well-paying jobs that directly help southern Ontario families.


Gregory J. Aziz is a family-man first, a philanthropist second, and a successful business man third: the all-around package.

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Gregory Aziz’s Incredible Achievements in National Steel Car Company

In the early centuries, Imperial Car Company was established by six entrepreneurs who only served for one month. Later on, the name changed from Imperial Car Company to National Steel Car Company that is known today worldwide. The company’s major role is to manufacture quality rail vehicles and engineering. National steel car company has existed for over a hundred years, and it is because of this that the corporation has become globally recognized under the governance of Gregory J Aziz.


National Steel Car Company has won several awards due to its excellent market focus. The company has been honored with the highest quality award and has also received numerous recertification during the years of the company’s existence in the industry. National Steel Car Company is the leading in manufacturing and engineering of railroad freights that has made it earn reputation in North America as the leading firm in this domain.


The National Steel Car Company has created employment opportunities for numerous people. It has also improved people’s lives in the community by ensuring that they earn a living by working for the company. Through teamwork and excellent planning, the company has had a positive impact on the economy of the North American people and the country at large.


However, with global recognition, bugging of numerous awards, and many other achievements, the National Steel Car Company was and is still managed by a prominent, innovative, and entrepreneur leader known as Greg James Aziz. He is creative and has positively improved the status of the company by ensuring that the enterprise manufactures quality vehicles for the intended customers and the ready market.


Although there are various challenges in the industry, the National Steel Car Company has been able to withstand those challenges through great leadership, teamwork, values-driven, focusing on its strengths and raising the company’s bar. This has enabled the company to beat the odds by remaining to the top. Click Here for additional information on Aziz.


The National Steel Car Company works with the community and has managed to organize a National Steel Car Christmas Party. Through their clients’ trust and endless support, thousands of people embrace and turn up for the Christmas party each year. This also shows the great achievements of the National Steel Car Company in community relations.


National Steel Car Company has demonstrated that it deserves to be the world’s leading manufacturing and engineering company in the railroad cars industry by ensuring partaking projects benefiting both the community and the company. In essence, the leadership of James Aziz has been vital in shaping this firm.

Gregory James Aziz – North America’s Railcar Giant

The CEO, Chairman and President of National Steel Car, one of the global leaders in railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies has made great strides under Gregory James Aziz. The company is based in Hamilton, Ontario. Gregory James Aziz is London born, Ontario on the 30th of April 1949. He attended the Ridley College and later on went on to the University of Western Ontario to focus his major in Economics. In the year 1971, Gregory James Aziz then went on to join Affiliated Foods which was his family’s venture in the wholesale food industry. Over the following 16 years, the company proceeded to grow into a global fresh foods importer that imported food from Central America, South America, and Europe. It distributed to major fresh food wholesale markets all over the United States as well as Eastern Canada.



Gregory James Aziz has served in the investment banking industry between the late 1980s to early 1990s while in New York. 1994, he managed to initiate the acquisition of National Steel Car from Dofasco with the intention of turning the once upon a time Canadian giant into becoming a leader in railroad freight car manufacturer in North America. The company went on to grow its manufacturing capability to 12,000 cars per year by 1999 as compared to the 3,500 cars they produced per year when the company was acquired. During this same period, National Steel Car saw its employment increase to about 3,000 from their initial 600. Currently, National Steel Car is the leader in the industry with their innovation in new car technology. National Steel Car is at the moment the only manufacturing and engineering railroad freight car Company that is certified. It has held this position for the past 18 years through many rounds of being recertified. It has managed, since 1996, to acquire TTX SECO highest quality awards.


The company has shown the dedication to the Hamilton community by sponsoring the Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, Salvation Army, and United Way along with many more charities. Beside from all this, Gregory James Aziz along with his wife both sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which is the most prominent agricultural fair in Canada.



The National Steel Car make all sorts of railcar parts regardless of the type or make. The company is always pushing the envelope to raise their standards. They pride themselves in merging their efficiency and their strengths to become unrivaled in what they do. See This Article for related info.

The Striking Contributions Of Gregory Aziz

Gregory Aziz is the chief executive officer and president of the National Steel Car. This is a reputable company that is popular for being in the lead in the provision of manufacturing and engineering services for the railroad freight cars. Greg Aziz was born in 1949. He was raised in London, Ontario. The education background of Mr. James Aziz is one of the contributing factors towards his success.


He pursued his studies at Ridley College. Greg James Aziz later pursued Economics at the University of Western Ontario. With such education background, he was in a position of running his enterprise hence the thought of running National Steel Car. One of the significant contributions linked to the efforts of Greg Aziz is raising the level of performance of his family whole sale food business.


In the year 1971, he joined this business while it was not performing to the expectations of the family. Under his administration, the enterprise grew into becoming a worldwide importer of fresh foods. The company commenced its activities, selling fresh foods in numerous regions such as South America, Central America, Europe, and various parts of the United States.  Get More information here.

Greg Aziz possesses immense experience gathered from the different fields he has worked in. In addition to working for the family company, Gregory J. Aziz worked on numerous banking opportunities. He ventured in this domain in the late 1980s. Gregory Aziz purchased the first National Steel car in the year 1994. His move was based on the motive of transforming the Canadian Company into becoming a reputable railway freight car manufacturing and engineering company in North America. The success of this company is attributed to the team building emphasized by the president of the company and through the capital and human investment that is highly upheld by the company.


One of the incredible contributions of Greg James Aziz to the company is the increased manufacturing capacity of the company. By the time of purchase, the company could only manufacture about three thousand five hundred cars per year, but it advanced into manufacturing more than twelve thousand cars in the year 1999. In addition to this significant advancement, the employment rate increased from six hundred to three thousand under his administration.


The company has built a reputation in the railroad freight car manufacturing domain by being the only company in North America that is certified by ISO 9001:2008. Based on its unmatched performance, it has won the TTX SECO award for more than ten years in a row.

Gregory Aziz: Towards a New Chapter at National Steel Car

National Steel Car has been operational for over a century following its founding in 1912. Over this period, it has carved out a name for itself as one of the leading manufacturers and engineers of railroad and freight cars throughout the wider North American region. Despite the changing operational and financial landscapes, the company has remained true to its tradition and commitment to excellence and high-quality standards. In the company’s modern era, few of its employees embody its relentless pursuit of excellence and transformative strategic approach like Gregory James Aziz: its current chairman and chief executive officer.


In Pursuit of Transformative Strategies


When Gregory J Aziz led National Industries Inc. in taking over the ownership of National Steel Car in 1994, the Hamilton-based company was facing tough times. Its value and production were declining significantly, which threatened the existence of one of Canada’s oldest railroad and freight manufacturing company. He set out to transform the company and restore it to its former glory while making a force to reckon with beyond Canada. His first duty was to arrest the declining productivity, which he excelled at. Barely six years after taking over, James Aziz had overseen over threefold increment in the company’s productivity. During the same period, he increased the number of employees six times.


The visionary leadership of Greg Aziz has helped the company expand its market base beyond Canada. In addition to its traditional Canadian rail transport market, National Steel Car has also made inroads into the United States railroad transport sector. It has also entered into strategic partnerships with commercial railway operators to supply them with their trademark high quality railroad cars. He has also spearheaded the company’s philanthropic initiatives including donation to food banks. Under his leadership, National Steel Car is now actively involved with local Hamilton communities through sponsorships of various community-based initiatives such as the Hamilton Opera and Theatre Aquarius among others. Click Here for more information.


Education and Career Background


Before leading the acquisition of National Steel Car, Greg James Aziz had already made a name for himself within New York’s investment banking sector. He worked for several years in the sector before spearheading the acquisition of the company. However, before moving to New York Mr. Aziz had already accumulated vast experience in corporate management working for a family-owned food company. In 1971, he joined Affiliated Foods and worked at the company for over a decade. His tenure at the company was marked by expansion into wholesale food markets in the U.S., other parts of Canada, Europe, and Central and South American continents. He studied Economics at Ridley College and University of Western Ontario.



Adam Goldenberg Is Making Fashion Fun Again

If anyone has seen the Zoolander movies, which are hilarious, by the way, they know that oftentimes people take fashion a little too seriously. They poke fun at it in a harmless way Thanks to Adam Goldenberg, it is once again fun and it is once again something that people can enjoy and truly get something out of in their day-to-day lives. They don’t have to dread going to the store and shifting through countless items only to come up empty. That is a very disappointing feeling for the customer. One of the major problems with fashion is the cost. If someone attends a retail store, most of the time, Goldenberg are paying full retail price for something they are rather lukewarm on in the first place.

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That is why so many people are enjoying JustFab and getting so much use out of it. They see two regular guys like Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg and they know they are smart businessmen that know what they want. Even though they own a business, they are just two guys with a passion for business and a passion for making customers happy. It is hard not to notice that when someone looks at JustFab and signs up for it as a monthly subscription service at the low price of $39.95. There are a lot of goodies to look forward to in the bag from shoes, handbags, and accessories. One of the things Goldenberg stress and one of the things that is very important to them is that the items are suited for the customer.

It is a very disappointing feeling when someone signs up for something and they don’t get what they want or what they were looking for on Crunchbase. They have been waiting all week or all month for this to arrive and they only like maybe half of the products. With JustFab, the customers are going to like every single item.

Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold Go Global!

For most us, drinking coffee is part of our daily routine. There’s nothing better than a nice fresh cup of steaming hot delicious coffee. In 2008, Bernardo Chua started his company with just that. That coffee is so good that it has since gone global. Organo Gold started in Vancouver, Canada with only three employees. Now, they serve thirty-five countries and have thousands of employees and distributors. In 2015, he was recognized as Outstanding Global Entrepreneur by the National Consumer Affairs Foundation and received two awards. Organo Gold was also awarded two People’s Choice Awards, for Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee and Number One Global Network Marketing Company.

Bernardo T. Chua was born in the Philippines, as listed on his Facebook, he is well seasoned in multi level marketing. The very successful businessman is called “Bernie” by his friends and family. He first worked for Gano Excel in 1999, which is located in his homeland. He had an important role in the expansion of Gano Excel to Canada, the United States, and even to Hong Kong. Eventually, he moved to the state of California to work as president of Gano Excel U.S.A.

In the year 2008 Bernardo Chua founded his own company, he named it Organo Gold. Chua had a vision, he would sell a wide range of bioactive and healthy coffee products. These products contain Ganoderma lucidum, which comes from the lingzhi mushroom. They can be found growing on logs and wood all around the planet, it has been highly regarded in Asian countries for centuries for its many benefits. He is the first to market the beneficial herb with beverages across the world, successfully.

His company Organo Gold may have started out small, with only three employees. Today, Organo Gold has thousands of employees and over one millions distributors all around the world. On top of all that, within only five short years Organo Gold has become the 55th largest direct selling company in the world. We can only expect Organo Gold to grow as time passes on, Chua says he’s always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition.

The New and Improved Coriant

In recent news regarding networking solutions, one of the most prestigious and sought after companies known as Coriant has recently appointed a new CEO to the company who has great plans for the future of innovation as well as business within this company. This distinguished individual in Shaygan Kheradpir who has over 28 years of experience in areas of business including telecom, finances, as well as technology. Even at an early age, Mr. Kheradpir has risen through the ranks to become one of the lead experts in networking solutions in the world. His new position at Coriant will prove to be invaluable to the company and will improve and expand the company even more into the future.

The announcement of Mr. Kheradpir’s recent appointment was officially announced in September of 2015. In addition to being the new leader and face of this networking solutions company, Mr. Kheradpir was also honored with the new position with being the new Chairman of the Board for his company. Mr. Kheradpir specifically was sought after after he worked with the senior management team of Coriant during his time as Operating Partner with Marlin Equity Partners. Shaygan Kheradpir was seen to be a perfect addition and leader of the company that would continue the positive progress that the company has already made in offering top quality networking solutions.

Shaygan’s experience within mainly industries of business will prove to be invaluable to Coriant that now bears a mind for fast growing and innovation. With an increase in demand for data-intensive and user applications, Mr. Kheradpir will enable the further development of the company’s hyper scale data center. Shaygan Kheradpir and his team are working hard to not only add on to the already diverse community, but also add on to the company’s already diverse portfolio that will secure investments of the future.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a sought after individual who holds almost 30 years of experience within the business industry. Even at an early age, Mr. Kheradpir has proven his talent for innovation and has held many executive positions in major corporations. Currently the company is working with clients in over 100 different countries around the world and will continue to expand over the next few decades. With the help of his team of experts, Mr. Kheradpir will now offer more cost-cutting solutions for both the company as well as for the clients that seek the most cost-effective solutions.


Shaygan Kheradpir Returns To The Technology Industry With Coriant

The Coriant technology company has recently been undergoing a reshuffle at the very top of its management structure, but not one that is wholly unexpected; according to the Light Reading Website Shaygan Kheradpir has made his way to the position of CEO with Coriant and replaces outgoing CEO Pat DiPietro. The outgoing CEO has always planned to return to his role with parent company Marlin Equity Partners as its operating partner and maintains a position with Coriant as the Vice Chairman.

The return of Shaygan Kheradpir brings one of the most famous technology executives of the 21st century back the industry after he spent the majority of his career working with internationally known companies Verizon and Barclay’s. The success of the Cornell University alum has seen him take up a position on the board of Barclay’s as the first technology based executive to sit on the board of this internationally known financial institution.

Kheradpir is known for some of the most important breakthroughs in various areas of the technology industry, which include his early work with GTE Labs and Verizon in developing the latest technologies. Kheradpir graduated with an advanced degree in Electrical Engineering, but has shown his skills cover more than just these areas of research and development; the business side of Verizon showed that Kheradpir had also developed strong negotiating techniques and skills in developing the highest level of profit for every business he has worked with.

The handover of power at Coriant to Shaygan Kheradpir sees him extend his career of more than 28 years that has taken him around the world as he looks to make every business he works with to its highest level of success. The chance to work with Coriant appears to have proven to much of an incentive for Kheradpir to turn down after the company stitched together from parts of Nokia Siemens, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks. The original position taken up by Kheradpir was designed to examine the company and find areas where profits could be increased, but has now led to Kheradpir taking over the reigns of Coriant as the company continues to look to break into the top echelons of the technology industry.