Whitney Wolfe: Founder of Bumble BFF Dating App

Whitney Wolfe is a US entrepreneur and founder of a new dating app called Bumble. Whitney Wolfe created it in 2014. Bumble has over 1 million users in the United Kingdom and over 12 million users globally.

Before starting Bumble Whitney was a co-founder and marketing manager of a rival app called Tinder. Due to the nature in which she left Tinder, she felt aggrieved and wanted to start platform that would address the issues she didn’t feel comfortable with at Tinder. She felt that the previous platform was more prone to abuses and discrimination and sought to create his own app that would eliminate these vices.

Whitney Wolfe discovered most online platforms allow users to freely comment on issues without the necessary moderation which leads to negative implications on other users. Considering the stigma that she previously underwent as a woman on the other platform, Wolfe decided to start an all-women user’s app that would help them encourage one another and grow themselves. She contacted another founder of dating site Andrey Andreev, of Badoo who encouraged her to implement her idea as a dating site. She incorporated her own experiences while dating and decided to address the challenges she faced.

Bumble addresses the social taboo that girls should not be the first to approach a man. In Bumble the woman or girl makes the first move. She is the first to send out a message to the man they match. The girl is supposed to send message within 24hours after the match. After the lapse of 24 hours with no message, the match will be automatically deleted. Wolfe explains that this dating approach takes the pressure from the man from being aggressive. This according to Whitney Wolfe leads to a more respectable conversation between the matches and which lead to meaningful relationships.

Currently, the app continues to amass millions of users by the day. To make it even more useful, Whitney Wolfe is expanding to include non-dating businesses. Her intention is to target business community and help share a platform where they can connect. Wolfe appreciates that the app has received a great reception from the males too.

Learn More: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrxxBd1UJxg