Exciting Twists And Turns In The Dog Food Industry

The past few years have proven to be fast growing ones for the dog food industry. The industry as a whole is now worth nearly 24 billion dollars and half of that is from the premium dog food industry. In a recent article from the Daily Herald, it was brought to light that the premium dog food industry has grown 45 percent since 2009. Many analysts are asking why this growth is happening now. The article answers the question very simply: human food trends are now edging over into the dog food market. There are now a multitude of new and small companies in the industry that are putting out products that help dogs stay on a paleo diet or a dog food that helps dogs to lose weight. The list of new products with a variety of health benefits is nearly endless. And it is not just the new companies. The older companies are catching the hint and joining in on the new trend.

Beneful is a dog food brand that has been embracing health eating for dogs for over a decade now. PurinaStore Beneful brand started out with an idea to make a different kind of dog food before it was popular. That made a dog food that looked different, with a variety of colors and shapes of food, and that made a difference, with nutritious ingredients that would keep the dog healthy for a long time. Beneful is proud of the fact that it feeds 15 million dogs around the world every single year. They are also proud of all of the certifications they have received for both the safety of the food that Beneful provide and the quality of the food that the private. Some of the certifications are required, like the Food and Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture but some are private and not mandatory like the Association of American Feed Control Officials. Getting a certification from the AAFCO means that Beneful produces a food that is health for dogs to consume.