What You Need to Know About Dr. Imran Haque

Imran Haque is one of the most reputable doctors in all of North Carolina. He’s practiced in rural areas throughout central North Carolina for the past 17-odd years. Dr. Haque was nice enough to grant an interview request to Idea Mensch regarding some basics of his practice, how he started them, and other experiences he’s had throughout medicine, commerce, and life in general.

Dr. Haque found out that people sometimes tried to manipulate doctors, even if physicians were caring, nice, and trusting regarding those manipulative patients. He urges fellow doctors – people in general, really – not to allow others to take advantage of how nice they are. It happens more frequently than most people think.

Haque had a desire to bring good bedside manner to the patients in North Carolina, leading him to start Horizon Internal Medicine. Even though the majority of doctors are gentle, caring, and highly concerned with the well-being of their patients, Dr. Haque wanted to exceed the standard quality of care and proverbially blow his competitors out of the water, in comparison to what constitutes “normal” bedside manner.

The internist is also a fan of technology in the practical application of medicine, as well as how much easier administrative functions are when using technology.

Dr. Imran Haque earned a bachelor’s degree in the United States, then traveled to the Dominican Republic to go to medical school. After starting Universidad Iberoamericana’s program in 1994, he quickly excelled and graduated in only four years – with honors. Shortly after, he went to the University of Virginia to meet the requirements of a residency program in internal medicine.

While spending time with patients hailing from the rural, poor foothills of Virginia, Imran Haque quickly knew that he wanted to spend his entire career with people that weren’t gifted financially, helping those out who didn’t – and still don’t – receive healthcare as frequently as people with higher incomes from the same area.

Dr. Imran Haque practices at Horizon Medical Center, which has two locations nearby his place of residence, and splits his remaining time throughout five hospitals in the area.