Fabletics – Offering Value for Money Products and Personalized Shopping Experience Online

Fabletics is one of the premier athleisure brands that have become famous globally for their vast collection and reasonable prices. The company serves to consumers in 8 countries at the moment, and plan to branch out to many new overseas markets in the time to come. Fabletics is a comparatively new brand in the online fashion retail business, but it has given even giants like Amazon a tough challenge in its category, primarily because the company offers high-quality clothing for less. The company adds new collection each month for the consumers to ensure the collection or the brand doesn’t become monotonous. One other reason for the brand’s huge success nationally and internationally is its focus on affordability.


Fabletics is co-owned by Kate Hudson, who has a huge fan following the world over. Apart from her filming career, she is also loved by people worldwide because of her health and fitness, and her well-toned figure. She is a role model to millions of women across the globe, and her association with Fabletics has worked wonder for the brand. It has helped make Fabletics an aspirational brand that the consumers can relate to. From the very beginning, Kate Hudson followed the mantra of success for Fabletics, which was to continue to look for new marketing opportunities and to use the data made available through latest technology to improve decision-making process for the brand.


Techstyle Fashion Group, the parent company of Fabletics integrates technology to every layer of their business to source marketing and sales data that allow them to take strategic decisions that would help improve their business considerably. For example, if a particular product is not selling enough or not popular among the audience, it would be removed from the shelves of the company’s physical stores immediately to ensure it only shows the product that is loved more by the target audience. Such techniques help in boosting the company’s image and sales both.


Fabletics followed a simple yet smart reverse showroom technique when it came to opening physical stores across the nation. It is because they primarily focused on online business, and only after getting substantial success online that they started to channel their attention to opening physical stores. It helped the brand to continue their success and multiplied their revenue generation in ways more than one. As per the report, more than 35 percent of the women who walked into the company’s store eventually signed up for the VIP membership. If you want to be a VIP member of Fabletics too, don’t forget to take the lifestyle quiz on company’s site today.

The forefront of athletic wear

Fabletics is a flourishing brand co-founded by the iconic American actress Kate Hudson. It was founded three years ago as a branch of JustFab. JustFab is a boomingly successful online retailer that offers subscription services and worldwide shipping. Fabletics offers a wide variety of sports gear such as clothing, sports bras, running shoes and much more.



The way the company works is by allowing the customer to have a paid monthly subscription. After that the customer will fill out a survey, answering questions about their preferred style such as what kind of clothing they like to wear (e.g. pants or shorts, tanks, or tees, etc.) and select an item. Fabletics has in-house stylist that pick out items for the customer to choose from while keeping in mind their survey results. There are usually over fifty outfits because of the rich variety of gear the company has to offer.



Fabletics has gained success extremely fast since it launched. There is always demand for their services, and that has allowed the JustFab branch to open shops in different locations. The brand will be opening physical stores in even more locations depending on the demand. A very important reason for the company’s success is their profitable marketing strategy. Fabletics utilizes the “reversed showroom technique.” That technique is essentially allowing the costumes to see and feel the item before they decide whether they would like to make their purchase. That allows the company to prove the high quality of their items. The reverse showroom technique is proven to increase sales significantly, and the company has earned over $300 million in revenue.



A smart marketing strategy, however, is not at all the main factor that has led to the company’s success. Fabletics aims to please. They offer sports gear of very high quality that provides the much-needed comfort during any kind of sporty or athletic activity. The clothing pays attention to the design as well because no one wants boring workout clothes anymore. Many of the designs on Fabletics can be found in a lot more expensive brands. The company also sells great quality evening wear and swimwear. Both are made out of the same durable, yet comfortable material the sports clothing is made out of. Fabletics cares about their costumers and wants to allow everyone to experience their items. That is why they aim to be all inclusive – that means they provide clothes of a wide range of sizes and create styles for as many body types of possible of all ages.



Fabletics has been predominantly receiving positive reviews on their site, and on every other platform, one could think of. The high quality and lovely design have many thousands of customers extremely happy with their purchases. Fabletics is quickly becoming the go-to sports gear supplier for sporty and athletic people whose activities range from running in the park in the morning to doing cross-fit or going to yoga classes. Many people use for everyday wear as well even when they are not working out. The company will only grow and success and positive reviews.

Fabletics: Making A Difference For Customers

According to an online article on forbes.com, Fabletics has increased its business by $250 million in just three years. Kate Hudson’s company is a worthy competitor of Amazon, which has a 20% niche in the fashion e-commerce trade. Customers of Fabletics have the convenience of online buying and a VIP membership, says the article.


Modern customers want more than just quality and good pricing, states the article. They are also looking for excellent customer service and exclusive design. The executives over Fabletics have compared their strategy to that of Warby Parker and Apple. Not only can customers buy their clothes online, but they can also purchase them in the several brick and mortar stores that Fabletics has opened.


The article quotes Fabletic’s general manager, Gregg Throgmartin. Throgmartin says that his company can offer trendy fashions and excellent customer service for much less than their competitors. He says it is all about knowing the customers and what they want. That is how a business makes their customers happy, Throgmartin explains.


One of the ways the article says that Fabletics does their stores differently is “reverse showrooming”. Many of their competitors only have physical stores. Customers may peruse their merchandise and find a cheaper price at another store. Fabletics did things in reverse. Most of their customers are online members already. It does not matter whether the customer shops Fabletics.com or their physical stores. Customers get the same great value and customer service either way, says the article.


Another way that Fabletics increases sales in their physical stores is that they have online data for customer preferences. Sales management sees what online members are buying online and get a good idea of what to stock in their stores. They can monitor changing trends and what is being said on social media. Dustin Netral, SVP Operations for Fabletics, says in the article that using customer preference data and international global fashion trends builds greater customer satisfaction.


Fabletics has experienced a 35% annual growth, says Shawn Gold. He is the Corporate Marketing Office of TechStyle Fashion Group, parent company of Fabletics. The company depends on a balance of lifestyle, experience, and education of the customers, says the article. Gold attributes the successful growth of Fabletics over 10 different nations to great pricing, a genuine spokesperson (Kate Hudson), and their creative team members, says the article.


The article says that Fabletics understands the modern customer by monitoring data and offering a positive brand. People like what they buy and become repeat customers. The company uses intelligent distribution, quick purchase options, and an excellent membership program. Fabletics uses every angle to present a positive shopping experience to customers online or in a physical store, says the article.


In order to compete with e-commerce giants like Amazon, stores like Fabletics and its competitors have to do something different, says the article. That is the goal of Fabletics, both online and in its stores. They use exclusive products, innovative technology, and data collection to achieve their goal, the article states.