Equities First Holdings CEO Al Christy Describes the Differences Between Stock-Based and Margin Loans

Al Christy Jr., founder and CEO of Equities First Holdings. announced in a Marketwire press release on July 12th, 2016 an increase in stock-based loans, an alternative financing solution. Stock-based loans are offered to net-worth individuals, public international companies and businesses with a fixed interest rate. Borrowers prefer these type of loans because there are no restrictions on how the capital may be used. Equities First Holdings, LLC is an international securities lending services provider of stock-based loans and margin loans. Over the past three years the firm has seen an upward trend of borrowers obtaining both types of loans using stock as collateral.



The U.S. mortgage crisis that started the end of 2007 resulted in banks and lending institutions implementing stricter qualification guidelines, making it difficult for some borrowers. To date, Equities First Holdings has closed an estimated 700 transactions comprising of stock-based and margin loans. Even though both loan types require securities as collateral, there are major differentiations between the two. Stock-based loans are offered at fixed rates, whereas margin loans use variable rates, meaning rates will vary. According to Al Christy, the stock-based loans have a higher loan-to-value ratio and lower investment risk compared to margin loans.



Equities First Holdings was founded in 2002 by Al Christy offering margin and stock-based financing solutions to investors, corporations, businesses and wealthy individuals. The firm is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and has offices in London, Hong Kong, Sydney, Bangkok, Singapore, and Bangkok. Since 2013 the firm has received continuous growth, exceeding more than 30 percent. The firm’s growth is attributed to an increase in closed loan transactions and acquisitions, including Meridian Equity Partners Limited in the United Kingdom. Equities First Holdings, LLC is now serving hundreds of stock-based loan and margin loan borrowers in the U.S., Europe, and Australia, and Asia.

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Anthony Marsala, Chief Operating Officer Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala was named the winner of the M&A Advisor’s Seventh Annual Emerging Leaders Award. Marsala is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of the firm.

Marsala award came from his vast experience and hard word in the industry from which he has had numerous achievements. He has a fifteen years’ experience in investment banking. His experience comes hand in hand with extensive deal work in finance, buy side and sell side M&A advisory. He is a certified CVA with the recognition of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.

This award is a replica of the 40 under 40 awards done in 2010 in the U.S of which its primary goal is to appreciate and celebrate the Financing and Turnaround geeks and the young M&A, who had attained an adorable grade of success in conjunction with an enormous contribution to their community and industry.

The Emerging Leaders program is now Europe and the United Kingdom. It makes Marsala become a member of the worldwide network of young leaders. It instills moral to the young leaders to work for the growth of the industry.

Before the coming of this award, Marsala had an honoree from NAVCA in the 40 under Forty recognition program held in 2015. He also got a spot in the Crain’s Leadership Program held in 2016.

Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking company premiere. Its primary goal is offering financial advisory services, expertise in the merging and selling of firms, financial tips, and valuation of properties for both government sectors and private businesses. Their work is to help their clients to be able to reach the international market. It comes with the offering of financial advisory to the customers and also M&A transactions like the transferring of ownership of firms.

Madison Street Capital is also involved in community services as its primary goal is to work with everybody. It is a passionate supporter of the United Ways Organization which offers disaster management efforts through reliefs. It is through the provision of food and shelter finance and better health facilities to people faced with catastrophe.

For clients who would like any advice in investment banking may it be an acquisition, selling of firms or any other relevant need they should involve Madison Street Capital? It is because the company has a tremendous experience in the field of investment banking.

This article about Madison Street Capital is available in Benzinga.

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VTA Publications and the Future of Education

In one of VTA’s latest articles, they had some great tips about dipping your toes into investment.  While there are many individuals out in the world who truly don’t understand what education is, there are so many different ways that people can and do learn. The key objective to focus on when it comes to learning is simply understanding what is important as far as end goals are concerned, and for the most part that can all be summarized with learning objectives. Once you actually know what you want your potential end users to understand and achieve, and you then understand how they learn, you can create real education whether you are inside of or outside of the traditional brick and mortar classroom.

Education is powerful enough because you are trying to get as much knowledge into a single individual as possible. The idea is to create connections in their mind that will actually stick and will make sense for them. Because so many individuals are actually visual learners, as long as you can show them something that makes sense with their eyes then you have a much better chance of not only breaking through to them but also you have a better chance of making whatever you tell them actually stick in place.

When you think about the future of education, you should be considering how people of any age and background can continue to learn over time, even in a nontraditional model. The key for this is simply to have individuals understand that online options are truly available. By having an individual understand just how powerful online education options are from organizations just like VTA Publications, then you can not only see some of the most cutting edge and interactive learning platforms around, but you are also able to have every educational objective met with little to no interference from distractions that would be present in a more traditional learning environment.

The key to remember is that as learners are headed into the future and as technology continues to play an even stronger role in peoples lives all of the time, it is extremely important to see the power behind something like VTA Publications. If you simply look at a few of their training modules and see how they can truly maximize the educational value that any given individual will receive for their time and efforts, then you can really start to appreciate just how powerful the future of education is going to be thanks to companies just like VTA Publications and their learning systems.