Richard Shinto Introduces New Executive Members of InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare is one of the leading healthcare providers in the United States. The institution was started several years ago, and it has helped many people get the medical care they need. The healthcare company has done very well, under the leadership of qualified individuals who are appointed to serve in different positions.

Just recently, InnovaCare provider announced that it was planning to hire more executives to enhance the quality of services given to the consumers. Two of these executives have a lot of experience in the healthcare industry, having worked with Medicaid and Medicare, the two most important government programs.

According to a report by the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Jonathan Meyers has been appointed to work as the chief actuary officer of the healthcare company. Before getting this respectable position, Jonathan Meyers was working as the director of actuarial services, Medicaid and Medicare on in at an institution called Horizon BCBS. Jonathan Meyers has also served as the chief actuary at a New York health care company known as HealthCare Partners in the past. These two positions gave Jonathan Meyers the experiences he needs to be successful in the position.

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The report also indicates that Penelope Kokkinides will serve InnovaCare Health as the Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope is one of the individuals who have a lot of experience in healthcare services, having worked in the healthcare department for more than twenty years. In her entire career, Penelope Kokkinides has specialized in government programs, and this experience will help her in her new position. Kokkinides is an expert in Medicaid and Medicare, the outstanding programs offered at InnovaCare Health. Kokkinides has also had an opportunity f serving in the managed care industry for a while.

Rick Shinto, the chief executive officer at InnovaCare Heath, says that Penelope has extensive expertise and knowledge in managing and developing clinical programs and healthcare processes, and she will fit in her position perfectly. Penelope has worked in different positions in the past, and she focuses on operations that improve the organizational and efficiencies of the companies she works for.

Mike Sortino will serve the healthcare company as the Chief Accounting Officer. Mike has also worked in different companies in the accounting department, and Richard Shinto believes that he is the right person for the office. Mike has been in the insurance industry for more than two decades, and he is expected to introduce the changes InnovaCare Health is looking for. The new members will work under the leadership of Richard Shinto.