How Securus Technologies Helped Control Gang Violence

I am currently working inside a very crowded jail where we have an explosion in gang members as of recently. We have to be very careful to keep the gangs separated while behind bars because these inmates will strike out at the smallest signs of disrespect. Even when we think we have the gangs separated, you add into the mix one inmate with no gang affiliation who crosses into the turf of the gangs, and they will explode with violence at the drop of a hat.

To make matters worse, when these gang members have access to drugs, the violence escalates a million times faster. To combat drug usage by anyone in the jail, we have to be in several places at the same time to tackle this issue head on. Part of my team will be in the visitor center, searching inmates and visitors for anything illegal. Part of my team will be doing cell inspections. The rest monitor the calls the inmates are making by way of the Securus Technologies inmate call system.

The monitoring system that was installed by Securus Technologies allows my officers to be in several places at one because the LBS software monitors the calls of all inmates at the same time and pulls key verbiage to alert us of issues. When the subject comes up about drugs, we take action swiftly to try and lessen the violence in our facility.

This week, we were able to hear inmates talking to other gang members on the street about strapping drugs to their body and getting it by the guards. Now we can identify who is coming, and head them off before they even get inside the jail. Each type of call like this allows my team to take proactive measures instead of always reacting to these instances.

Securus Technologies Honored by the 11th Annual Stevie Awards

On February 2017 in Las Vegas, Securus Technologies managed to win a Gold Stevie Award. The Awards are globally recognized, and they award customer service, sales professionals, contact center and business development. They started 11 years ago, and are held annually. Securus Technologies was honored for the Best Customer Service Training Department.



Securus Technologies provides civil and criminal justice technology solutions in various areas such as investigation, public safety, corrections, and monitoring. Some prestigious award programs organized by the Stevie Awards include the International Business Awards and American Business Awards.



The nominations for the Awards increased by 10% over 2016 and this translated to a whopping 2300 nominations. In this year’s competition, almost all companies in all industries and regardless of size were evaluated. The board of the Awards consisted of 77 professionals, and the organizations headed on to the final lists based on the average scores of these experts.



The senior vice president of operations at Securus, Danny de Hoyos, stated that the recognition they got from these awards illustrated their advancement and professionalism in the customer service field. He also mentioned that his firm’s training team recognized that the two most important ways to satisfy clients were to solve issues on first call and empathy for the customer’s state.



Danny continued that with these key ideas in mind, the team developed methods and materials that would help Securus’ staff focus on the needs of customers and empathize with them. He added that Securus boasted top rankings in first call scores and customer satisfaction due to the implementation of the methods and ideas.



The judges’ comments were positive with one lauding Securus for the vital role it plays in the society to ensure that individuals go through a great customer service experience. Another judge said that Securus Technologies did a remarkable job in a challenging environment.

Securus Technology Changing Lives Through Connections

The short video shows an introduction of a video visitation technology. It shows that it is possible for an inmate to see a performance dedicated to him by his family members or friends. The web-based system makes it possible for the father, who is an inmate, to communicate with his son face-to-face, through video visitation. It is like they are meeting face to face without the prisoner leaving the facility. The son has an alternative to on-site visitation and saves more time spent on the road while traveling. The system can also allow daily visitation whenever possible.


The long journeys, back and forth, between the facilities and homes, are avoided as the system offers an ideal solution. I could just sit back on my couch and have a face-to-face communication with a family member or friend who is in prison. In this video, the father could give direction on where he wants the focus to be. His voice is heard instructing others, in the other end, to focus on his son. This enables him to see the performance of his son and notice changes in his son’s development. The video is meant for promotion or for the introduction of the system, but it contains wording on it that says more about what they system can do. The video also talks of the convenience that the system creates in the lives of people. I agree that the system is very convenient. The world is changing, and inmates are human beings too. Hence, they need to benefit from inventions made by other human beings. Watch this video on Youtube.


About Securus Technologies

 The technology firm deals with phone, video, voicemail and email services. These services are mainly offered in correctional facilities across Canada, and the United States. It uses technology to make the lives of inmates and their family members and friends easier, through the connection. One of its invention known as the video visitation has gone further to make online visitation possible.


On their web page, it is stated that anyone who wants to participate in the Securus video visitation should create a free account, and accept the terms and conditions of the company. The participant would also need to register with the facilities, where the service is offered. Computer with internet access, a valid email address, and a web camera are also needed for one to participate. The technology firm allows participants to have the option of onsite visit or online from the comfort of their homes. The onsite pre-schedule enables participants to avoid long lines when they visit prison by scheduling in advance. This reduces waiting time when one visits a correctional facility. This is a system that I would recommend to everyone who values their time and are not fond of traveling.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Securus Technologies Mobile Video Visitation Application Is A Market Hotcake

Video visitation is one platform that will enter into Securus Technologies record books as the product that gave them a big breakthrough in the personal market. With the introduction of the video visitation services on personal computers, this firm was able to expand and diversify its products into the individual market. Securus new video platform helped families and friends with friends and family members in the correctional facilities communicate easily. It also helped the save time and money they could have spent on the visiting their incarcerated family members and friends. Flexibility was the biggest seller for this product.

To make the video visitation platform more flexible, Securus introduced the video visitation application. This application was made compatible with phones and tablets that were operating on Android and Apple systems. In December last year, Securus Technologies launched the Android app that was compatible with Android phones and tablets and could be downloaded on the Google Play store. The second launch which happened about two weeks ago was of the Apple app which was compatible on iPhones and iPads and could be downloaded from the Apple store. Securus Technologies recently released a report on the performance of their video visitation mobile application. This report is a summary of how the market responded to their new mobile application. The report indicates that the Android app was downloaded more than 60,000 times, and the Apple app was downloaded over 5000 times. Looking at the duration of this application in the market, this was a superb performance, which is expected since it is the only alternative to onsite visits and the traditional inmate phone calls. With this trend, the application’s success is expected to keep growing as the firm launches new applications for other mobile phone operating system. Windows phone, Blackberry phone, Mozilla Firefox phone and Kindle phone expected to be the new targets for Securus Technologies.

Even as Securus Technologies focuses’ on their mobile video visitation mobile application, their other products on the other side are performing well also. Their intelligent devices which are also recently launched, for example, have sold over 84,000 pieces in the United States and Mexico. These intelligent devices are changing the inmate communication system as they offer more than just communication. With services like entertainment, education and libraries on board, these devices are the new talk of the inmate communication system. Let’s not forget another major products from Securus Technologies, the THREAD 3.1 software. This software is the number one public safety and inmate monitoring tool in the correctional facilities market right now. Contact customer service reps at Securus if you have any trouble accessing the software yourself and they will have you set up in a matter of minutes.

Note: Neither the Securus health product nor the website Securus America are affiliated with Securus Technologies.