The Truth About Madison Street Capital

Corporate finances can be overwhelming for any business, but it’s Madison Street Capital that knows best about these corporate financial matters. As an international investment banking firm, MSC has been advising major corporations since 2005 on various aspects of their corporate finance. Conducting business with integrity is the main focus of MSC, and it’s the heart and soul of every aspect of their own business that they conduct. This is why the Madison Street Capital reputation is a solid one to live up.


The one thing many corporations miss out on is the long-term relationship building that is essential to the success of any business. This means that the corporation and the client should mutually benefit from every transaction that takes place. MSC has vast experience in all areas of financial advising for corporate matters, and they are currently focused on advising on issues like market pricing, deal structuring, design and the implementation of exit strategies but above all they are also focused on specialized financing.


Expertise is necessary in all areas of finance, and it’s critical that the methodology used by MSC is recognized for what its greatness. This leading provider in advisory services is M&A advisory as well as valuations in America, Asia, and Africa as well. There are numerous services offered by MSC to help corporations manage their finances including:


  • Private placements
  • ESOP advisory
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Reorganization services
  • Bankruptcy
  • Capital restructuring
  • Buy outs
  • Corporate governance. These areas of opportunities are only a small part of what MSC can do for any corporation. The valuation of a corporation is just as important as any other aspect of the business, and it’s vital that a valuation is done for the purpose of vision, financial preparedness, as well as tax compliance. Valuations are done to always determine the worth of a company for the sake of investments that may come in addition to the initial upfront investment. Valuations are also a key component of financial reporting, so that the information inside the report is accurate. Structured finance products offer guidance as well as a definitive answer on how those products can benefit a corporation. Additionally, MSC will offer share based compensation, purchase price allocations, and goodwill and intangible asset allocation. The allocation of funds and products that have a financial foundation are all important. When a corporation is in the process of making major decisions that concern the financial well-being of their business long-term, opinions are also available to the leadership board as they seek guidance on solvency and other matters that concern the future of the company.

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Madison Street Capital Nominated for Two Prestigious Awards

As reported on Benzinga, M & A Advisor has nominated Madison Street Capital during their 15th award ceremony. These awards are seen as the pinnacle in the investment banking industry. The awards celebrate Madison Street Capital’s success in deal and financing.

The first nomination comes in the small boutique investment firm category. It pays tribute to smaller investment firms that work mainly with small and middle size entrepreneurs finding them the capital that they need to keep operating and helping them merge together or with larger firms if that is their desire. Madison Street Capital is proud of the help that they can provide businesses when they need their services. A few of the services offered by the firm include financial advisory services, merger and acquisition expertise, financial opinions, and valuation services. This allows business people to keep concentrating on the parts of their business that they know the best.

The second nomination comes for the work that Madison Street Capital did with helping Dowco purchase Acuna & Asociados S.A. This purchase of a large Chilean steel manufacturer positions Dowco to be more successful in bidding on numerous projects throughout the world since they now control their own supplier.

The final winners will not be announced until a November gala event. Keep watching for more exciting announcements as that time draws nearer.

Madison Street Capital proudly operates offices around the world including the United States, Ghana and India. Madison Street Capital has carefully chosen these locations because they see the importance of emerging markets to the global economy. From these offices, they can easily travel throughout the world. The success of their business is based on giving trusted advice in a timely manner to business people around the world because often global trading deals happen very fast across numerous time zones.

Madison Street Capital Bringing In Accolades

According to an article found on, Madison Street Capital has surpassed expectations yet again because they have cleaned up on additional awards. Madison Street Capital is not only known as one of the fastest growing financial institutions, but they are also becoming top-flight with respect to their customer service and general overall satisfaction as well. One of the top honors that can be bestowed upon anyone was given to Anthony Marsala of Madison Street Capital. Being named to any list is important enough, but when you consider Marsala was named to the 40 under 40 list by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts, it means Madison Street Capital is able to call one of the best in their field one of their own.

Madison Street Capital is not just a firm that understands the ways that finances are supposed to be run, they are a model for the rest of the financial landscape. When you consider the amount of paranoia that has occurred in the economic and investment world since the great recession of a decade ago, there are still people who won’t be comfortable when it comes to banking or investments. That is exactly why there is so much optimism when it comes to Madison Street Capital. When it comes time to deal with the world of financial services, people simply want to have someone hold their hand.

It isn’t just about getting transactions processed or about getting answers to specific questions. The important thing that people want when it comes to financials is that individuals and customers want to be able to feel comfortable. It doesn’t matter what the situation is. They just want to know that they are being taken care of and that if they have problems they will be able to turn to someone who can actually help. When it comes to Madison Street Capital that is exactly the type of service that is being offered.

Whether it is due to the leadership of someone just like Anthony Marsala specifically, or it is simply the culture that Madison Street Capital has created, each and every person continues to feel like they are being taken care of when it comes time to speak about customer service. As long as you can have an organization like Madison Street Capital that clearly knows how to handle the financial transactions of the business sector, then you have a place that will stay in business. However, when you find an organization that can treat each and every client like their needs truly matter, then you will have a business that will end up thriving in the long run. Madison Street Capital has started to propel themselves and they are certain to continue on with their current trajectory.

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