The Investment Guidance that Sam Tabar offers to the Public

Every new year, Americans develop resolutions of how they would like to live. A survey that was conducted by the Fidelity Investments indicates that approximately 54 percent of the population plans on having better finances in the coming year. The complexity of the investment sector can at times be devastating to individuals who are not well experienced. Sam Taber, who is a top capital strategist and attorney from the Columbia Law School, lately informed the public on his investment tips that can assist newcomers to plan for retirement by increasing their net worth.

Mr. Tabar warns individuals who would like to fill their investment portfolio with commodity trading. He believes that this kind of investments are dangerous than then usual betting on mutual funds. The commodity markets are highly characterized by volatility than the traditional stock markets. The investors are, therefore, required to conduct sufficient research before investing their money. He recommends that casual investors should not put their money in commodity trading since it requires one to be knowledgeable for him or her to make profits. Commodity investors need to have the affluence to cover potential losses that may be incurred during the volatile times.

Apart from the traditional stock trading, one can also capitalize this or her money in a private business. Social entrepreneurship is an emerging field where one can fund social startups and make money while supporting the community. Sam Tabar is a shareholder at THINX, which is a socially responsible firm that manufactures underwear for women. The company has been donating seven sanitary towels to AFRIpads, for every undergarment that it sells. AFRIpads distributes the towels to needy women in Africa.

Sam also advises people to been keen on diversifying their portfolios. Most novice investors can quickly put all their money in one promising investment or stock that is performing better than the rest. The best results are always viewed at the end, and people should ensure that all their money is not put in one investment in case it fails. Tabar believes that people should start investing now to avoid regretting when they retire.