Christopher Burch Offers Unique Island Resort

Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He is a billionaire who is known for his investments in the fashion industry. He has branched out into other industries; most recently, the hospitality industry. For a closer look at the company’s website, check

In 2012, Burch purchased a resort on the island of Sumba and redesigned this resort into the exquisite Nihi Sumba. There are gorgeous oceanfront villas and private tree houses all surrounded by the islands natural jungle. The native thatched roof houses and architecture create a unique, authentic backdrop for the resort.

The centerpiece of this gorgeous resort is Raja Mendaka. This is Chris Burch’s personal villa. It contains the master villa along with four guest villas. The master villa has a library, fully-equipped kitchen, two pools, guest room, and a large outdoor area to entertain guests. This estate can be rented directly for $14,175 a night.

Though Burch has redesigned the original resort, there are several things he has kept the same. The resort is still committed to improving the economy of the island by continuing to donate a portion of profits to the Sumba Foundation along with being the top employer. Burch has also kept the surrounding landscape intact.

Despite this resort being voted number one by readers on Travel & Leisure’s list of 100 best hotels in the world, the resort is not for everyone. A traveler must first fly to Bali and then take a charter flight to the island of Sumba. After which, the traveler must then continue the journey with a two- hour road trip. The reward for the traveler’s effort is the opportunity to surf the extraordinary wave known as Occy’s Left while being pampered in luxury at the resort. More about the resort on

Burch started his entrepreneurial journey with his brother in 1976 while in college. The brothers grew their clothing business from a $2,000 investment to a $165 million business. Burch’s diverse portfolio includes renowned companies such as ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppins, TRADEMARK, and much more. To read his shared insights and views, hit this relevant article here.

Burch’s key to success lies in his ability to understand consumer behavior. His intuition and experience with international and direct-to-consumer marketing, have allowed Burch to acquire and invest in his many successful endeavors. For more of him, click on

Chris Burch is more than an investor. He is also a philanthropist. He has contributed to The Sumba Foundation, The Child Welfare League of China, Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, and many others. For his recent activity update, hop over to

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