The Amazing role of Sujit Choudhry in the Legal Sector

Sujit Choudhry is an entrepreneur and a successful professor of law. For instance, he teaches law at the Berkeley school of law. He has specialized in the constitutional law. Sujit has worked with several organizations as the professor of the law. These institutions include New York University school of law, University of Toronto, faculty of law and much more. Professor Sujit is not only law teacher but also a writer and a philanthropist. For instance, he has written several articles and books about constitutional law and much more. For example, he has broadly written the Canadian constitution and worked as the chief justice of the Canadian courts and much more.   Relevant article on

His passion for law and research has helped many African countries in understanding constitutional amendments and much more. His investigations majorly address vital issues such as the transition from violent to peaceful democratic politics, federalism, decentralization, bills of right, language policy, the presidency and much more. He has also visited several African countries including Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, South Africa and many more. His visit to these African nations has enabled to give rise to freedom, prosperity, and growth. Following the traveling of Mr. Sujit to many countries, he has earned international recognition and rise to fame.  Refer to for a more details about the professor.

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He has been around top officials from different countries which have also hugely contributed to its success. His articles and books have also sold thousands of copies around the globe. Examples of books Mr. Sujit has written include; constitution-making, the migration of constitutional ideas, an international society of public and much more. Related article on

He has been an inherent advisor for more than twenty years and much more and has significantly contributed to his long-term experience in the legal sector. The knowledge he has acquired include, offering training to the civil servants, drafting of technical reports, stakeholder consultations and much more.  Additional article on

Moreover, Mr. Sujit is the founder of and the director of the organization known as the center for constitutional transitions that involves mobilization of constitution building, research and much more. The firm has partnered with several agencies including nonprofit agencies think tanks and much more.

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