The Life and Work of Brad Reifler

Some people make a name for themselves by starting their own legacy through various business aspects. Brad Reifler, a financial business CEO is just one of those many people.

Brad Reifler is an American business owner and e ntrepreneur who is born and raised in New York and got his start when he first attended Bowdoin College with a degree in economics and political science. Upon his graduation from college, the first thing that Reifler did was start his first business which was called the Reifler Trading Company in 1982. While there, he was able to manage hundreds of millions of dollars in discretionary accounts and then changing pace to deal with institutional research and some global derivative advisory. Over the course of his time there, Reifler Trading Company was able to become one of the world’s largest independent future operations.

After some time, Brad Reifler decided to move on from the company and do something else, that being to found another company called Pali Capital in 1995. The company’s main goal was to deal with equity markets and did so by capturing the expansion of hedge funds. Over the course of his 13 years there, Pali Capital had earned well over $1 billion in commissions and soared to have over $200 million profits from various countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia.

Brad Reifler is also known for the creation of Forefront Capital LLC. As the CEO of this company, Reifler was responsible for providing any expert advice to any commodity and forex traders. Because dealing with commodity markets can be incredibly challenging and unpredictable, Reifler’s expertise in this field makes him perfect to manage all of these situations.