Get Truly Free Cellular Service With FreedomPop

As consumers, we all want a great deal. Getting something for free is even better. However, seldom de we get a great deal that is absolutely free. FreedomPop has changed all that.


The Los Angeles-based cellular provider is offering its customers high-quality cellular service free of charge. This no-cost model has shaken up the mobile provider industry and FreedomPop will continue to gain market share.


The Totally Free Plan

FreedomPop’s claim to fame is their absolutely free plan, also know as The Basics Plan. In this plan, users are given 200 voice minutes, unlimited text, and 500MB of 4G data. Many people will automatically see that 500MB of data is pretty small. And they would be right. This free plan is geared towards “light users” and my not be right for everyone.


However. if you use your smartphone mostly to text and check email and social media, this could be the right plan for you. If you are a heavy data user there is another plan that could be perfect for you.


The $20 Plan

For those consumers who stream music and video on a daily basis, FreedomPop has them covered as well. Their most popular plan is their Unlimited plan. This gives users unlimited talk and text and 1GB of data.


At only $20 the plan is half the price of the standard carries for a similar plan. If you go over your data limit with either plan, you can “top up” your data at any time. FreedomPop will send you an alert when you are close to reaching your limit so you will never have an interruption in your service.


The $5 Wi-Fi Plan

One of the most intriguing plans offered by the company is the $5 per month Wi-Fi plan. With this plan, users can automatically connect to over 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the country. With this plan, you will be using Wi-Fi to make phone calls instead of cell towers.


Users who live in a densely populated city will find this plan incredibly useful since there are very few areas that not covered by hotspots. This is also a great service for those consumers who own “abandoned phones.” That is phones that are no longer connected to a mobile provider.


As FreedomPop continues to give consumers more options they will gain more and more market share. Consumers are no longer stuck with a one-size-fits-all mobile plan and can chose a plan that truly fits their needs and budget thanks to FreedomPop.

The Year 2016 Is A Great Year To Get FreedomPop Services


There are several ways that FreedomPop is able to keep their cell phone service and other services so low in cost, and it’s mainly because everything is done online if not in a retail store that is a FreedomPop service provider. Those who go to the FreedomPop website to sign up for the service will be able to navigate the website to find the products and services they need, and if there are any questions, they can always call customer service afterwards. Using online means to get customers signed up is one way that FreedomPop saves money and passes on the savings to their customers.

Many people love the savings that FreedomPop gives them, especially since they continue to offer their free cell phone service that’s been popular since 2011. With five years of having free cell phone service, one would think that they would ultimately get rid of it, especially since they have a paid service and an unlimited service that is extremely popular. FreedomPop still continues their free service because they know that there are many customers who need it, and most customers will upgrade to a paid service plan at some point anyways.

The free service used to have restrictions that only allowed 500 text messages, but as of 2016, the text messages are unlimited for the free service. Anyone wanting service that is truly unlimited in every way, including talk, text, and data, they should choose the unlimited service plan that costs $19.99. The $20 service plan is just the starting point for the unlimited plan because additional 4G LTE data can always be added to the plan, but adding 4G LTE data will make the plan go up in price. Anyone who doesn’t mind unlimited 3G data after depleting their 4G data can simply pay the $20 per month.

FreedomPop allows any users to use an unlocked phone on their services, not just the phones that FreedomPop sells through their website. The fact that the company allows its users the ability to bring their own phone has made them even more popular amongst customers because many have a phone that they are already using. The only thing is that a GSM phone user will have to make sure they purchase a sim card from FreedomPop, and the sim card typically costs around $0.99 and will have to be shipped out to the customer. More information is available in any FreedomPop review.

FreedomPop And the New Mobile Industry

FreedomPop is helping create an all new mobile industry. For years, the industry focused on the major players, such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Spring. Now though, there are other players in the game. After all, when it comes to such high prices played to have a mobile phone, it is simply proving far too expensive for many individuals to even have an account. Back in the days of simply flip phones and some basic texting, individuals would pay $30 or so for a mobile phone plan. Now most people spend well over $100 for the same monthly service. While more data is included, it is still proving to be especially costly. That is why, according to a review, FreedomPop is doing everything that it can to help those individuals save money. It’s recent financial fund raising is making this more and more possible and allowing the company to do more things most in the industry ever thought possible.

FreedomPop, as a startup out of LA, has had to constantly battle to raise money. However, as the company has allowed over a million customers within the United States to drastically cut back on their mobile phone bills, it has become easier and easier. Plus, the company is not doing what other larger service providers are doing. Just this last quarter, Verizon was fined $1.4 million for installing a super cookie onto the phones of all users. This cookie obtained information from a person’s Internet usage on the phone and sent the info back to Verizon, allowing the company to tailor make ads specially for what the person looks up on their mobile phone. Despite the fine, the company has done little to make amends for it. This is something FreedomPop simply is not doing, which is allowing it to gain the confidence of users throughout the United States.