Desiree Perez Gets Tidal Off to a Fresh Start

When rumors swirl around the web about how Apple may be looking to acquire your business you must be doing something right. Tidal has been the latest talk of the town when it comes to music streaming, and some of this is because there are rumors that Apple may want to buy this music streaming service. The other thing that makes people talk so highly about Tidal is the fact that it is doing better than anyone may have ever thought. Desiree Perez is the one that has made that a reality. Read more: Who is Des Perez?

It has become quite interesting to see someone that has made people take notice of Tidal. This was an interesting concept for a music streaming service in the beginning because it was owned by the artists. Usher, Madonna, Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj – just to name a few – were originally involved with the Tidal Experience. These are all co-owners of the Tidal music streaming service, but it was Jay-Z who put up more than $40 million to acquire the business.

After the hype and the smoke cleared it was difficult – in the beginning – for Tidal to become a true music streaming competitor. None of the major stars that were associated with the ownership of Tidal were in place to release new albums. Beyonce was still riding the success of a surprise album that had been released prior to the Tidal acquisition. Rihanna was working on new material, but nothing was ready to stand out as a Tidal exclusive. Even Kanye West was holding his material as he celebrated fatherhood and a new marriage.

As time progress the Tidal corporate level affairs would change in an unfavorable way for Jay-Z. Leaders would change 3 times, and people would continue to look as this music streaming service as Tidal the Titanic. It seemed as if this was a slow sinking ship, but Dez Perez would offer the life preserver that was needed to help this business venture stay afloat. She came on board – unofficially – at a time when major artists like Rihanna and Beyonce were gearing up for new albums. She would make Tidal the exclusive spot for some of this new content. It would be the thing that would inspire customers to sign up for a chance to access this content. This brilliant leadership from Dez Perez helped Tidal make a fresh start.