Take On The Negative Press Full Force

They say that everyone is a critic. This may be particularly true when it comes to conducting business via the Internet. It is simple for an angry customer, employee, or even competitor to post bad news stories about a company just to try to get even with them. It is a mean thing to do, but there are certainly people who are not above doing mean things.

It is vital to bury bad news and make sure that only the actual information is rising to the surface with people. This often means it is necessary to bury negative search results and to completely clean the Internet of the garbage information that others are attempting to pump out to the world.

There is a great way to bury negative press that comes in the form of a company that is aptly named “Bury Bad Articles“. They do just as their name would suggest and make sure that the negative articles posted about their clients do not receive attention that they do not deserve. It is actually quite incredible to see the work that they do. They are diligent in making sure that those negative articles stay off the first few pages of search results. This is so important of course because the first few pages are typically the only few pages that the average Internet user is going to take a look at.

Online reputation management is just part of doing business in today’s climate. There are obviously still real world considerations to be made, but the fact remains that the Internet is the number one place that people go to for information. They are bound to read some information about a store before they ever decide to shop there. Likewise, if your company is primarily based online, then your reputation on the web is more important than ever.

Even if you already have a rash of negative articles floating around out there about your company, this does not mean that there is no hope. On the contrary, there are still ways to turn the boat around, and those options ought to be fully considered quite quickly. The longer that those negative articles remain up on the first few search results, the more damage they do.

Customers are willing to give companies a second chance or a chance to explain themselves. However, companies that allow negative information to fester for too long are just doing damage to their brand and reputation. Customers are only forgiving for so long, and the clock is ticking.

Darius Fisher and his Award

Darius Fisher is one of the leading individuals within the marketing industry who is dedicated to not only eliminating negative content that can often hurt the reputation of a business or public figure, but also focuses his company on spreading positive content using expert marketing techniques and strategic tools. Darius Fisher is the President as well as the co-founder of Status Labs, and online reputation management firm that uses social media as well as databases to spread positive content about any client that needs help. At Status Labs, the problems of the client are fixed with some of the most innovative tools and techniques. Using SEO methods, the experts at Status Labs are able to eliminate any negative content about the client, and are able to also put positive content at the top of the search. What Status Labs specifically does is turn a negative into a positive for any business or public figure.

As the owner of a successful reputation management firm, Darius Fisher has recently been awarded with the Business Development Individual of the year award. This award is awarded to individuals within the marketing industry that not only show great promise for the future, but have also demonstrated their abilities through the products and services they provide to the public. The success of Status Labs is not only determined by the positive reviews, but can also be determined by the number of clientele that Status Labs currently has. With over 1,500 clients in 35 countries around the world, every single client has remained loyal to Status Labs.

If earning bad press, or looking to have more of a presence online, Status Labs can help with establishing a notable brand name that will be deemed credible by the consumer with all the provided and relevant information. As the co-founder and the boss of this reputation management firm, Mr. Fisher encourages creativity within his firm that is closely connected with a close bond of trust. Rather than just working for Mr. Fisher, Mr. Fisher wants his employees to be excited with what they do and be creative in their innovations.

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