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Market selloffs in whichever industry usually have far-reaching implications. Such a scenario played out well last month when the tech sector was hit by the market selloff, sparking a wind of nervousness among investors on Wall Street. Before then, the same investors were arrogantly confident that the market was not just stable but also hard to stop.

In Wall Street, summer seasons are characterized by low-volume markets. With tech sell-off nervousness creeping in, however, the chances of a choppy market over this year’s summer are higher than they have been in the recent past. With such market projections, it is important for every investor to lay down strategies that will see him through the glaring business hard days.

The Lock Walk Strategy

There are several proactive strategies that an investor can wisely coil to his advantage. These are strategies that have been tried and tested for about 17 seasons now and have proven highly dependable regarding yielding profits. Among these proactive strategies is what investors call the Lock and Walk approach. The success rate for this particular strategy is unparalleled, making it worth risking on.

The Lock and Walk strategy operates on a three-phase plan. The first plan involves the Nasdaq 100 NDX, +0.34% resistance level at all time. Secondly, the ProShares UltraShort QQQ are traded at QID, -0.38%. Lastly and most important, observing the support and resistance levels in this strategy is of paramount importance. In case they are broken, the ProShares Ultra QQQ are traded at QLD, +0.39%. In a nutshell, the strategy guides investors to target resistance to sell after testing the market support by QLD, which can as well be sold if the support breaks. When the resistance is tested by QID, on the other hand, an investor should target support to sell. The QID is also sellable in case the resistance breaks.  Learn more from this informative link here.


Netpicks Trading Strategies has educated traders in the stock, forex, and other trading platforms since 1996. The head offices of Netpicks are located in the heart of Irving in Texas.  More details on their page here.

The staff at Netpicks is not just qualified and knowledgeable in the field of trade but are also passionate and dedicated traders themselves. The consistency by which the Netpicks team undertakes trading tasks has over time made them a highly experienced team that handles any trading challenge thrown its way.  More on this useful link .

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