CHIPOTLE executives are optimistic that the once high performing stock will regain its previous luster following several months of declining value after several outbreaks of E.Coli were traced to the preparation of food in the Chipotle food supply chain. Chipotle stock dropped as much as 30% during the period last year that outbreaks of E.Coli were reported in several Chipotle locations throughout the county causing illness and hospitalization of scores of Chipotle customers. CHIPOTLE LOOKS TO BOUNCE BACK FROM E.COLI SCAREIf the outbreak was limited to one location, the popular food chain may have been able to weather out the bad publicity. However, multiple breakouts over large geographic areas foretold of a systemic problem in Chipotle’s food supply chain. The open equities markets responded and Chipotle’s shares were pummeled.

Chipotle is now looking to new horizons. The company has receive a clean bill of health from various state and federal health officials. While the source of the contamination has not been disclosed, Chipotle has declared that all issues have been resolve and the company’s food supply chain has been certified for continued production.

The company’s fourth quarter report showed that the company’s revenue fell just short of $1 Billion dollars. Sector analysts like Marc Sparks believe that revenue will continue to increase in the following quarters. Chipotle also is taking the time introduce new products, including more salad options and healthier choices in the company’s primary menu.