Makari de Suisse is the Answer to Ageing Skin for People of Color

Makari de Suisse offers a quality line of beauty products made especially for the benefit of women and men of color. They provide specific products for skincare, and cosmetics. They use natural products that add in smoothing out skin tones and other areas, that are made with all natural ingredients like Argan Oil, Carrot Oil, and Caviar. These ingredients help to moisturize, hydrate and nourish the skin and hair.

Makari offers a special line of skin whitening cream, that helps reduce dark spots, stretch marks, and acne scars. Their goal is to help you achieve glowing skin with an even skin tone. Their products are manufactured in Switzerland, using natural plant extracts. They put their products through extensive testing and scrutiny to assure they offer the best possible results.

The products are available in local skincare and beauty stores. They are also available in private locations in Brussels, Paris and New York. The line consists of 60 different products, including skin care, baby products, make up, and body lotions. None of the products they offer contains Hydroquinone, a controversial ingredient that has been shown to have harmful side effects. Makari is very focused on natural ingredients for all their products. Products they offer include:

• Makari offers an exfoliating soap for the face and body that cleanses and brightens the skin tone. It can be used every day.

• Makari Naturalle Carotonic Extreme Lightening Body Lotion. It contains enriched carrot oil and is great for dry-normal skin. It is a multi-vitamin toning lotion that brightens skin, leaving it silky soft.

• Makari Naturalle Intense Extreme Lighting Serum with Shea Butter, lightens skin, and protects it from sun damage. It helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles also. It is terrific for dry to normal skin.

Makari uses Organiclarine in their skin care products. It reduces the signs of aging skin, dark spots, liver spots and other pigmentation problems. This is a natural ingredient that will not cause further damage to your skin, like many products containing harsh chemicals may. You can feel confident that Makari’s products will help your skin look and feel much better.

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