Handy Continued Endeavors to Dominate the On-demand Professional Services Sector

Oisin Hanrahan, who is the co-founder of Handy, gave an insight on his company in an interview with Amanda Connolly from TNW. Unlike other startups that start and along the way lose focus, Handy has managed to keep its eyes on the target. Consequently, it has emerged as a multi-million dollar company in terms of net worth with a recent venture funding of $50 million.

During the interview, Oisin asserted that Handy bridges the gap between customers and contractors. Through this Handy ensures that both parties remain contented. It has maintained the status of its contractors as non-employees in a bid to lower operating cost. Subsequently, Handy’s contractors can comfortably carry out other roles, as well as offer professional services to boost their income. On the other hand, customers have the benefit of booking the services of a reliable expert at any time.

Handy is also said to be making significant employment moves in the corporate world such as the recent hiring of Tumblr’s top engineer. Oisin asserted that Handy intends to continue hiring top-notch experts and executives for a span of six months.

Handy is a pioneer firm in the on-demand professional booking services, which range from handy work and cleaning services. It was established out of the persistence of Oisin Hanrahan and his roommate, Umang Dua, who both decided to follow up their dreams by quitting Harvard. From its original name, Handybook, it has transformed considerably to a global competitor in the handy work sector with professionals in various locations who undergo pre-screening. Primarily, this is in a bid to ensure Handy’s clients receive top-notch services to complement their needs or desires.

Clients are in a position to book Handy’s services within a short duration as well as enjoy the security of their money through the hundred percent guarantee. Among its popular list of services, include furniture assembly, moving services, interior painting, home cleaning, TV mounting and hanging pictures and shelves.