Expanding Services to Delaware With Stream Energy

Stream Energy is an energy and home service company that was founded in 2004. The company was originally founded to provide energy and natural gas. Stream Energy has since expanded to providing wireless and home security. The company was created as a response to the deregulation of the oil market with them beginning operations only in Texas. Stream Energy has since been able to identify and profit from other parts of the country with deregulated energy and wireless markets allowing them to see aggressive growth.


Stream Energy uses an innovative marketing strategy. The company was originally founded by its own sister company to handle customer recruitment and marketing. Stream Energy has since absorbed the company to better integrate marketing with customer service. The company uses a multilevel marketing strategy. This allows for them to recruit dedicated professionals who can use their own motivation to find customers. These associates are people who know the local area and might not respond to traditional marketing strategy (Facebook). This allows Stream Energy to interact with people who otherwise might not switch energy and wireless providers. Stream allows their associates to register an independent website once they have recruited enough clients. These websites mean that associates can further tailor their marketing to the local area. Associates make money based on their number of clients that helps to increase Stream Energy’s customer base.


Recently, Stream Energy announced they will be providing services in Delaware. The company currently provides services in Texas, central New England, Georgia, and Illinois. With them expanding into Delaware they now provide energy in eight states including Washington D.C. The company has expanded into two states during 2017. Stream Energy is offering competitive pricing. A new customer can purchase a six-month plan that will allow them to purchase power at two percent below market rates. They can also purchase yearlong plans at fixed market rates. Stream Energy plans to expand the number of products they offer in the future with them committed to expanding into other states that offer a competitive deregulated market.

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