Dubai’s Most Influential Entrepreneur and Property Developer

Over the course of many years, the United Arab Emirates have been a hot spot for real estate property development and investment. One of the most achieved entrepreneurs and real estate people in business was born in Dubai in 1956. Hussain Sajwani received his education in Economics from the University of Washington.

After he had received his Bachelor’s degree, the DAMAC owner started building his professional career by establishing several prosperous start – up companies. Before he went on to creating businesses, Mr Hussain Sajwani was a part of GASCO where he worked at the position of a contracts manager. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots

One of the most accomplished companies of Mr Hussain Sajwani was created in 1982 – Draieh Management Services Co, more widely known as DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties provide catering services of top quality.

The company has a huge team of experts and chefs that prepare the finest of meals. The catering company serves facilities in all sectors – legal profession, academic sector, and so on.

DAMAC Properties is also an investor in a number of projects of the industry of real estate. The company not only sponsors but also owns a large number of construction projects both in the United Arab Emirates and all across the globe. In fact, DAMAC Properties has been a part of nearly 18 000 property development projects over the years.

Mr Hussain Sajwani is also the founder of DICO Investments Co LLC. The company is one of the leading investment companies in the United Arab Emirates. It came to be in early 19892. Up to date, the investment firm has capitalised over $150 million and has expanded into several international offices.

The owner, Mr Hussain Sajwani Family has personally worked in partnership with many international investors and developers of real estate. One of his closest relationships is his friendship with current presidents of the States Donald Trump.

The family of Mr Hussain Sajwani is a close friend to the family of Trump. One of their most recent and successful projects together is the Trump International Golf Club. The project earned more than 2 million dollars in revenue from rental villas.

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