Julia Jackson: Passion for Family and Community, Wine, and Business

Julia Jackson was born into the wine business. One could almost imagine her first sight out of the womb was rows of beautiful grapes shining in the sun. Truthfully, she was born in San Francisco in 1988; however, Julia often talks about her father, Jess Jackson, making she and her siblings pick grapes at a young age and in triple digit heat. During the summers and after school during the year Julia also work at several of the family’s wineries where she learned about wines and the winery business.

From 2006 to 2010 Miss Jackson attended Scripps College, a small but well-respected liberal arts school where Julia earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Studio Art. In 2010, she also went to the Stanford Summer Institute of General Management and came away with a Summer Certificate from Stanford Business School.

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With Julia’s education now added to the fatherly lessons from her youth, she has taken her rightful place in the family business, and she knows her wines. Julia argues that although Sonoma has a reputation for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, she believes it’s the best place for Cabernet.

Julia’s mother, Barbara Banke, who runs the family business since the death of her husband, also influenced her daughter’s approach to life. Inspired by her mother’s warrior spirit and the many other women who have overcome life’s obstacles Julia founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment in 2014. The organization awards $100,000 cash grants to nonprofits that embody the program’s spirit. In addition to the Kendall-Jackson brand, the family of wines includes La Crema and Cambria.

Helane Morrison Works to Restore Trust in Securities Industry

Compliance Officers are becoming more important roles in corporations in the last 10 years or so. This job title was not talked about much until recently. Many believe that the job consists of making up rules for everyone else to follow. This is not correct. A compliance officer is responsible to making sure that existing rules are followed. With the increase in government regulations, companies now have more rules than ever before that must be followed. The compliance officers job is to just keep the company within the rules.

When something happens that is a problem, the officer fixes it. Makes sure that it doesn’t happen again and doles out discipline if it is necessary. Several schools now offer degree programs in compliance. Students can get certified as compliance officers. The field is growing rapid and is likely to continue to grow. It has already been a big area in banking, insurance and gaming.

Helane Morrison is a Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners in San Francisco. She joined the firm as compliance officer in 2007. Her goal is to help bring trust and honesty back to the securities industry. For many years Helane worked with the SEC and she sees how over the years, the general public has completely lost faith in the integrity of the securities industry.

At Hall Capital Partners Helane and her fellow leaders are focused on running an organization that follows the rules and does their work with the utmost integrity. Rebuilding public trust may take a bit of time, but Helane Morrison and her colleagues are making it their top priority. Helane is putting her years of experience in the industry to work in a way that she feels will do the most good.