Chris Burch and Entrepreneurial Dedication

The planet is home to many wonderful hotels. That much is clear. There are some hotels on this planet, however, that genuinely stand out from the rest of the pack. Nihi Sumba Island is just one major example. This hotel used to be known by the name of Nihiwatu. Travel + Leisure is a respected outlet that has called it the globe’s finest hotel for two consecutive years. It’s an Indonesian island resort that surpassed the acclaimed Brando. Brando is so notable due to the fact that President Obama made the decision to stay there not too long ago. Chris Burch is the enthusiastic founder of Nihi. He’s a capable entrepreneur who is associated with a broad range of prominent retail brands. These include major names such as Tory Burch and C. Wonder. He’s an investment world power player, too.   Refer to for additional reading.


Burch is a strong partner to James McBride, a renowned hotelier. They purchased a Sumba, Indonesia beach hostel back in 2012. They put a lot of wherewithal into remodeling the structure. They, after a lot of time, care and planning, opened this brand new property to the public in 2015. The rest is history. Burch indicates that he purchased the hostel as a gift to his kids. He also wanted to conserve a gorgeous destination that could greatly benefit nearby surroundings in Indonesia. Burch is a sought-after professional who travels on a frequent basis. He can be seen at his popular Southeast Asian high-end resort. He can also frequently be seen in the Hamptons of New York. People regularly spot him in glittering Miami in Florida as well. Nihi consists of 27 gorgeous private villas. Raja Mendaka is the name of Burch’s stunning private residence. It’s among the 27 units at Nihi.  A note-worthy article here.


Christopher Burch is a respected man who established Burch Creative Capital. He named the firm after himself. He likes to blog on his official website. He also has a deep interest in social media platforms such as Twitter. That’s the reason he posts tweets on a regular basis. People who want to get helpful insight from Burch routinely stop by his user-friendly and neat website. His blogs cover so many interesting and detail-oriented categories.  To read more of his entrepreneurial views, check


There are many topics out there that grab Burch’s interest. He’s captivated by subjects that involve brand construction and marketing. He’s interested in subjects that pertain to giving clients solid results. He has a commitment to aiding bright-eyed entrepreneurs.  For his latest cool offering to the market, browse on

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