Chris Burch Finds Success in Indonesia

If you’re unfamiliar with Chris Burch, he is the Founder and Chief Executive Office of Burch Creative Capital, a financial consulting firm based in New York City. The business is predicated on successfully managing venture investments, as well as brand development. Chris Burch is an Ithaca College alumnus, who earned his B.A. in Business in 1976; he began is climb towards entrepreneurship by creating an arbitrage business called Eagle’s Eye, while he was still a student at the university. He purchased sweaters at a wholesale price, and then sold them at a five percent markup to fellow students; the endeavor proved to be such a success, that Burch decided to try his hand at mass producing a line of sweaters that would appeal to more affluent clientele. Hop over to to read more.

While still a student at Ithaca College, Burch set out to find a factory that could mass produce the sweaters, aimed at “preppy” upscale shoppers; in a relatively short period of time, he found the ideal factory and immediately began production. The profits from this business endeavor, allowed him to open retail stores and grow is business exponentially; in fact, within ten years he was generating an estimated $150 million in sales revenue.  To be updated with his recent timelince activities, check

Burch ultimately sold Eagle Eye to a diversified conglomerate, and in 2004 he partnered with his then-wife Tory Burch, to establish a business predicated on selling upscale women’s fashion; the business was aptly named “Tory Burch.” In 2005, Burch shifted his interest from fashion to real estate; this endeavor led Burch towards purchasing a home in New York, that he would later sell for a tremendous profit. Burch’s initial success in real estate obviously piqued his interest in the industry, and soon after, he founded JB Christopher, a business that sold construction supplies to real estate developers. Related article on

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So, what is Chris Burch doing these days? Well, the consummate business professional is trying his luck with the hotel industry; he reportedly partnered with James McBride, a global hotelier, and purchased a beach hostel in Indonesia. What are hostels? They are low-budget accommodations shared among travelers, and they are becoming an appealing alternative to traditional hotels. Burch and McBride purchased the hostel in 2012 for $30 million and began renovating the property; in 2015, the renovation work was completed, and the hostel was rebranded as “Nihiwatu.” And much like his previous endeavors, the Nihiwatu beach hostel has proven to be another successful venture for Chris Burch.  More to read on

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