Fabletics Giving Major E-Commerce Retailers a Tough Competition

People these days are more inclined towards wearing comfortable athleisure clothing than wearing casual clothes. It is because athleisure wear promotes a healthy way of life and encourages people to stay fit and healthy by making healthy lifestyle choices. It is not only about health and fitness though as athleisure wear does look trendy and stylish as well. However, before the launch of Fabletics in 2013, there weren’t many athleisure wear companies that were offering affordable athleisure wear. It is a company that has increased its revenue manifolds in the last few years and thanks to its unique marketing strategy and colossal product portfolio, the company has been able to bond well with its target audience.


Presently, Fabletics has over a million subscribers who pay the company monthly to keep receiving athleisure products personalized for them each month. The company has used technology extensively in its marketing and sales operations to understand what the customers are looking for. It has also helped in personalizing the shopping experience for the customers on its website. The company also found success with its reverse showroom technique where the company penetrated the athleisure market with the help of online marketing and e-commerce site and after that, launched its physical stores at various strategic locations. It helped the company to make its place in the market and give its brand an identity that the customers would remember for a long time to come.


Fabletics also comes up with limited edition collections from time to time in collaboration with famous artists and celebrities, most recent collaboration being the one with Demi Lovato. Such unique marketing strategies have helped the company to win the hearts of its customers and strengthen its position in this competitive market. It is what has helped Fabletics to take on significant e-commerce retailers like Amazon as well, which currently holds more than 20 percent market share in online fashion retail. Fabletics is using Big Data analytics to its advantage to ensure that it has the data and statistics necessary to make essential changes in its business and marketing techniques.


Fabletics offers a smooth and affordable shopping experience for the customers, which is one of the reasons why it has become so popular among the people in such a short period. The company ensures that the customers always have something new to look forward to at its store. If you are visiting its website, make sure to check out the Lifestyle Quiz offered at the company’s site.

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