Jorge Moll Promotes Giving As A Better Way of Achieving Good Health

Giving seems to do many good things than previously understood. It is said that the hand that gives receives, more blessings than the receiver does. Receiving tend to activate happiness and excitement among the givers, a feeling that is good for their health. Everybody wants to live a healthier life hence such information is important to everyone. The article published in the Greater Good by Jason Marsh and Jill Suttie shows that giving does more good to a person than he might know. According to the article titled “5 ways giving is good for you” outlines five amazing benefits of giving to other people (PapOnline).

The article also mentions that it is not a must that a person goes out of his way to shop in order to give out, one can offer services or donate things they no longer use in their households.

The first benefit listed in the article is that giving makes the giver happier than they were before giving. It also states that the feeling people have after giving is good for their health. The practice of giving also enhances social connection and cooperation. It also evokes gratitude from both the receiver and the giver. Lastly, giving tends to spread faster and people are likely to follow the same trend of giving to others. In the article, one of the experts mentioned in the article is the Jorge Moll, a brilliant and outstanding neuroscientist.

About Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll is a graduate of medicine degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1994 ( Moll later completed a medical residency in Neurology from the same university in 1997. He went for his Ph.D. in physiotherapy in 2004 from the University of Sao Paulo. In 2007, Jorge Moll earned a post-doctoral degree in cognitive neuroscience. He founded and coordinates behavioral and cognitive neuroscience unit at D’ Or Network of hospitals in Brazil. Jorge Moll has served in various executive positions in medical organizations and a reviewer of various medical journals and newspapers including the Emotions Newspaper, neuroimaging, and journal, Journal of neurosurgery, psychiatry, and neurology. He has also published a number of academic publications in neurology.