Netpicks: Top Trading Coach for the New Millennium Trader

For turbulent summer trading, the ‘Lock and Walk’ trading strategy is recommended. Traders began to hesitate about trading after the technology sector sold off earlier in the month. Prior to that, many investors were overly confident that the market was in full swing.

This reluctancy paved the way for slow trading in the summertime, when trading is usually low-volume. The ‘Lock and Walk’ productive strategy to maximize profits in this new environment had proven to be effective in the past, when markets were choppy.

The ‘Lock and Walk’ strategy respects resistance and support levels in the Nasdaq 100. Then ProShares UltraShort QQQ and QID and ProShares Ulta QQQ QLD are traded when resistance and support levels are broken or tested.

When QLD tests support, resistance to sell should be targeted. When the support gets broken, then QLD should be sold. If QID tests resistance, then support to sell must be targeted. If resistance is broken, QID should be sold. These are not elaborate rules, but ones based on technical analysis. One final important rule of this strategy is that if it has gains of 67 basis points, the system is engineered at this time to cease its activities, and resume when the next trading session starts.

Netpicks was founded in 1996, when day trading and online trading became popular. The company is well known for providing education for its traders. It teaches the signals and systems utilized in trading, to enable its traders to become successful in the markets.   Read this article about socially responsible investment, hit on

Netpicks chose Irving, Texas for its headquarters. From here Mark Soberman and his expert professional staff use over 25 years of experience trading in the markets to help customers become successful in their market goals. They have educated professional traders for 17 years.  For their recent timeline activities, check on this.

The Forex trading system is utilized at Netpicks, and uses a trading method whereby objective exit and entry criteria is utilized. The best feature of Forex trading systems is that they provide the necessary discipline to minimize greed and fear, which remain difficult obstacles to many traders.

Options trading systems are also taught and used at Netpicks. Check this link on   With options trading strategies, the trader can control the level of risk they participate in, while trading their predictions of the market.  Access their free tutorials, visit their page.

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