Perry Mandera – Business and Philanthropy

Mr. Perry Mandera is the founder and ner of Custom Comanies, Inc based in Chicago. The business offers a full circle of transportation services. The business was conceived more than thirty years ago in 1986 and is growing and thriving to this day.


Perry Mandera became familiar with operating heavy trucking equipment while he was serving in the U. S. Marine Reserves. His current career is dedicated to his company as well as to his position on the Board of Directors of ITA or Illinois Trucking Association.


The Custom Co. Inc has a unique approach to its line of work. The business values close communication with vendors in order to make sure that everything is in order including the tracking, storing, warehousing, and timely shipping and receiving, international and domestic forwarding service, and many other aspects of the company’s work (PerryMandera.Weebly). Close communication is a vital part of the operation as Custom Co. Inc. is a very diverse transportation business.


Mr. Perry Mandera is actively involved in philanthropy along with the business. He has established a charity foundation and often volunteers his personal time and his company for charity. The organization is called Custom Cares Charities, and it is a non-profit group that provides support for underprivileged children.


Mr. Perry Mandera took part in the efforts of recovery after the devastation Hurricane Katrina ha left behind inNew Orleans. He led the and directed more than 40 trucks full of provisions into the city to be distributed among the people of New Orleans. Additionally, Mr. Perry Mndera is a member of the board of Directors of the Walter and Connie Payton Fundations. The foundation is dedicated to helping disadvantaged children through holiday programs and hosting fundraisers.


Working at foundations is not the only way that Mr. Perry Mandera has been contributing. He is a regular donor to organizations such as the Lynn Sage Foundation, Catholic Charities USA, and the University of Chicago Medica Center.


His spare time is dedicated to coaching football, basketball, and other sports to children and inspiring an active lifestyle in the kids. Mr. Perry Mandera is heavily involved in the youth population, striving to help bring up a better generation.

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