Securus Technologies Honored by the 11th Annual Stevie Awards

On February 2017 in Las Vegas, Securus Technologies managed to win a Gold Stevie Award. The Awards are globally recognized, and they award customer service, sales professionals, contact center and business development. They started 11 years ago, and are held annually. Securus Technologies was honored for the Best Customer Service Training Department.



Securus Technologies provides civil and criminal justice technology solutions in various areas such as investigation, public safety, corrections, and monitoring. Some prestigious award programs organized by the Stevie Awards include the International Business Awards and American Business Awards.



The nominations for the Awards increased by 10% over 2016 and this translated to a whopping 2300 nominations. In this year’s competition, almost all companies in all industries and regardless of size were evaluated. The board of the Awards consisted of 77 professionals, and the organizations headed on to the final lists based on the average scores of these experts.



The senior vice president of operations at Securus, Danny de Hoyos, stated that the recognition they got from these awards illustrated their advancement and professionalism in the customer service field. He also mentioned that his firm’s training team recognized that the two most important ways to satisfy clients were to solve issues on first call and empathy for the customer’s state.



Danny continued that with these key ideas in mind, the team developed methods and materials that would help Securus’ staff focus on the needs of customers and empathize with them. He added that Securus boasted top rankings in first call scores and customer satisfaction due to the implementation of the methods and ideas.



The judges’ comments were positive with one lauding Securus for the vital role it plays in the society to ensure that individuals go through a great customer service experience. Another judge said that Securus Technologies did a remarkable job in a challenging environment.